Monday, April 26, 2010

Survivor Heroes VS Villains Extra Scene Info

Just got done watching the Survivor Heroes VS Villains extra scenes from the CBS website. Nothing major here for the most part. However here are some tidbits you might find interesting:

-Apparently there was a huge storm that nerly destroyed the shelter. The girls were all screaming and Colby, Rupert, and JT had to stand up and hold the tarp that covered the shelter down so that it didn't blow off. At one point the tarp did blow off but Rupert, Colby, JT, AND Jerri ran out in the rain and retrieved it. Rupert was very impressed that Jerri was the only girl that ran out to get it and I have always said that Jerri is a hard worker and is tough for a chick.
-Loved when Rupert called out Russell for not helping to keep the tarp from blowing away. He was the only guy hiding in the corner and not contributing.
-There seems to be major flirtations taking place with Danielle and Jerri to Colby. That Jerri is going after him is no surprise as this goes back to Australia but now Danielle is joining the fray. Apparently Danielle told Colby that she and her b-friend were on the outs to which Jerri immediately replied that she was BSing and had spoken highly of her b-friend before the merge. Girl fight for Colby???
-Russell informs how he is a gambler and plays big in blackjack.
-Rupert is a smoker back home (you think???? his voice sounds like a frog) and that apparently the heroes have been smoking banana leaves? How exactly you smoke banana leaves is beyond my grasp.
-Candice looked stupid by saying Sandra was lying in telling her that Russell is running the show for the villains. Care for a do-over with that Candice?
-Chuckled out loud when JT exclaimed that the tarp the villains brought to the camp and put on the heroes shelter made them look like white trash and that he now feels like he is at home.

That's pretty much it. Any thought on this?

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