Saturday, April 17, 2010

JT And Sugar Sitting In The Tree?????

So apparently there was some romance that blossomed from H VS V. Not during the game of course since there is no room for that in such a cuthroat season but afterwards as it appears that JT and Sugar did the deed. I have no clue if it took place at "Eviction Lodge" (I believe only jury people stay there) but afterwards at some point. Either JT pursued her or Sugar pursued him. Either way, the sparks flew in the bedroom and neither has denied it.

My take on this?? All the power to JT although I think Sugar is easier than a game of Connect Four. And I know she is a model and all that but I don't know why. She is not attractive to me in the least. Why didn't he go after Amanda (is she still with that tool Ozzie???)? Or even Candice who is kind of cute but really annoying???

Whatever. To each his own.

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