Friday, April 2, 2010

Is This The Last Of Boston Rob???

I felt a hint of sadness last night to go along with extreme rage when Boston Rob was voted out by Russell and his band of misfits last night on Survivor. Now Rob is no stranger to my wrath but I must say that I felt depressed by the fact that that very well may have been the last time we ever see him on the show. I have always had the feeling that Survivor Heroes VS Villains was going to serve as the last hurrah for such stalwarts like Rob, Rupert, Jerri, Amanda, James, Tom, and others. With 20 seasons already under its belt, I am sure even the producers are shocked that they are still going. There is no doubt we are closer to the end of the run of Survivor than to its beginning and thats why this particular series has the feeling of a big goodbye to these classic players. Now rumors continue to circulate that Russell will be back for a third run on a future series but for the rest, this is almost surely the end of the line.

My ultimate hope/fantasy is that when Survivor finally has a final season confirmed, that they bring back these greats and give them a shot to play for a 2 million prize instead of 1 million. That would be a great way to go out. I really hope that we do in fact see the Rob's and Rupert's again and if not, they will go down as true warriors of the game.

What do you all think? Do you hope we get another All Stars Survivor series down the line?

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