Monday, April 26, 2010

Thoughts On Potential Winner

With only ten people left in Heroes VS Villains, I thought now would be a good time to break down who really has a shot to win the game or not. No odds, no rankings,...just direct analysis and a take on what most likely will happen. Without further adieu.

Colby Donaldson: I think Colby belongs on the list of potential winners. If he can somehow scramble from this point and get himself to the finals, he has a great shot as any to win. We all know the Colbster can get on a roll in winning immunity challenges and he has the likability factor working for him. The biggest factor in his favor is the feeling that he is owed one after losing a close one to Tina in Australia. I believe he deserved to win that season for sure. The only obstacle is that the likability factor could prevent him from getting there.

Rupert Boneham: I love Rupert as much as the next guy and he is definately in my top five all time. However I have to admit that Rupert just doesn't have the smarts of game play to win the game. He is stubborn with holding to dead alliances and doesn't think ahead in the game. I see nothing to suggest he will get to the end here as he has already made a score of bad moves along the way. Not going to happen.

Candice-No way Candice sniffs a victory. She could get to a final with the belief that she is an easy foe to beat with the jury but she has done nothing to deserve the million bucks. She has impressed me with her ability in challenges until the give up in last week's epiosde. No chance for her.

Amanda Kimmel-Amanda has been to two finals but go nowhere with the jury due to her terrible speeches and answers. More of the same if she gets to the end here but she doesn't have a leg to stand on now. Look elsewhere as she DEFINATELY won't win.

Russell Hantz: Many will disagree with me but there is almost NO CHANCE Russell will win the game. The clue that convinced me was the desperation he showed at the reunion show of S19 when he pathetically tried to buy the title from Natalie. This told me that he got A). Didn't sniff the final in H VS V or B). He was torn apart by the jury in the finals. You can debate whether he deserves it or not but the fact of the matter is that his actions spoke volumes at the reunion show and he knwos that was his best chance to win.

Jerri Manthey: As you all know I have defended Jerri often on here. Its not that I like her....in fact I am indifferent to her. I dont like or hate her. I have however said from the beginning that Jerri is a live long shot. I think if she got to the end of the game, she would have a chance to win due to all the time she has put into the game as a sort of lifetime achievement award. Has a shot.

Sandra Diaz-Good old Sandra. She surprised us all in Pearl Islands and is doing it again here. She has made some nice moves so far with fooling Russell into thinking Coach was after him to now plotting against him. Sandra has been here before and she seems to have respect. Put her with Colby and Jerri as having a chance to win.

Danielle Di Lorenzo: I think Danielle has a lot to offer. She is a great athlete, is very strategic, and is hot. Well I guess the third point has nothing to do with her chances but I felt it was worth noting. Anyway I don't think she is ever looked at as a threat or of deserving of the win. Her alliance with Parvati I think hurts her as she will be seen as a coattail rider. Of course coattail riders have won lately so you cant dismiss that entirely but I don't see her earning enough respect from the others to take it. Move on.

Parvati Shallow: The absolute favorite in my book. Parvati is outplaying Russell at this point in the game and she made a move for the all time books with her giving the two idols to Sandra and Jerri last week. I think her natural athletic ability will help her in challenges and I think she is one of the best schemers in the history of the game. If Parvati gets to the end, she should win. Plain and simple. She has my vote and if she becomes the first two time champ in Survivor history, than she goes down as the best player ever.

So that leaves us with the favorite Parvati and the longer shots Colby, Sandra, and Jerri. After Parvati I think next comes Sandra, than Colby, and than Jerri. If I had to guess I say Parvati with Colby the runner up.

What do you all think? Did I leave anyone out that deserves recognition as a threat to take it home????

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