Saturday, April 17, 2010

Survivor Heroes VS Villains Spoiled??????

Disclaimer: Survivor Reality Show Blog is a non-spoilers site where spoilers are prohibited. I don't look for them and don't want to know them.

That being said, it appears that the boot order for H VS V was spoiled quite some time ago and spread like wildfire around the Internet. From what I have heard without hearing the results, this list has been 100 percent accurate from Sugar to Courtney and so whatever the rest of the order is, we must go with the idea that it is correct. Therein lies the problem however.

Apparently, the spoilers first went out during the summer and the strong rumor is that Russell was the one who let the cat out of the bag. Why Russell???? Apparently the same thing happened in S19 where the boot list was released early and proved to be dead on. The commom denominator in this??? The Evil One of course. Being ignorant to all of this until just recently, I have to say that this is nothing but a terrible thing for the show and certainly is the one gigantic problem that taped reality shows face. Once the leak is dripped onto the web, the surprise element and suspense goes right out the window.

In my opinion, any Survivor fan that actively looked for the boot list really did themself a disservice. What is the fun in watching the show if you know who is getting booted out? Coming from someone who has been surprised all the way through, the Tyson and Boston Rob boots went down in my memory bank as two of the greatest evictions ever on the show. Also, the desire to see Russell get voted out keeps me at the edge of my seat each and every week hoping for the day to arrive when his torch is snuffed. What's the point of doing that???? I just don't get it.

As far as Russell is concerned, if he did in fact leak all the info (and can't you just see him doing something like that????) than he should be punished by the show. I have a good source that has informed me that all contestants and crew have to sign page after page of confidentiality agreements and that if they are found to have let out information about the show, they would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If Russell did do this than the producers should throw the book at him. If nothing is done, than the floodgates will open for all contestants to do this.

The chances of him being punished however if he was guilty???? Slim to none. The reason? He is the favorite sun of Mark Burnett and company. Russell has been a godsend for the show and the ratings. It is no secret that Survivor's ratings were heading south consistently before the Evil One hit the show. His original Samoa season showed a clear spike in the numbers and H VS V has done even better. Let's face it: the man is good television an Burnett knows this. He won't burn that bridge as there are strong rumors of Russell coming back for yet a third time.

I think the whole thing is a joke and is terrible for all involved. Clearly there has been a huge failure on the part of the show to keep everyone in line and to prevent this from happening. My bit of advice to you all is to resist the temptation to look for spoilers. Enjoy the suspense and let others ruin the fun for themselves.

What do you think about all this? Is Russell at fault? If he is should be punished?????

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