Monday, April 26, 2010

Survivor Opinions

Was thinking of some of the best players ever and I have posted various points in trying to get your opinions on the matter. As far as how I feel about these debates, here is how I see it.

Best Player Ever (At This Point....Could Change Based On Who Wins H VS V)
1. Richard Hatch: Wrote the blueprint on how to win the game and toed the delicate line of playing like a jerk but getting the jury respect which is something Russell can't master.
2. Russell Hantz: Russell dominated in S19 no doubt. He badly needs the title to take the top spot however. If he wins H VS V than he moves up one.
3. Boston Rob: No one has been more entertaning than Boston's own. The Red Sox had to be thrilled with the free endorsement all these years. Should have won All Stars over his wife but was the victim of a bitter jury.

Underrated Players(non-winners)
1. Rob Cesternino-Loved the way he played in Amazon as he used his brain to pick off the alpha men in his tribe and than turn people against each other. Victim of own success in All Stars.
2. Rupert Boneham-The big guy is a tough, powerful dude who always gives max effort. Doesn't have the IT factor to win though.
3. Stephanie LaGrossa-Was a victim of the worst tribe ever in Palau but she is one tough chick.

Overrated Players
1. Amber Mariano-Hubby should have beaten her. She was a non-factor in Australia and only got into All Stars because of her looks.
2. Kelly Wigglesworth-Rode Richard Hatch the whole way.
3. Natalie White-The all time lucky winner.

Buggest Busts
1. James Clement: Had a Mr. Olympia body but was as fragile as glass. So much unfulfilled potential.
2. Ashley Massaro-WWE chick only lasted six days which was woefully short for one of the strongest women ever in the game.
3. Kel Mitchell-Beff jerkey boy could have done so much more as a former Marine.

Best Looking Female
1. Amanda Kimmel-No doubter here. She looks hot even when she is filthy.
2. Danni Boatswain-I dont know why but I always thought she was hot. Maybe its because she loves sports.
3. Danielle DiLorenzo-Odd looking boob job but the rest is top notch.

Best Looking Male

Most Hated
1. Russell Hantz: I can go all day. To save time just read any post the last three months.
2. Jon Dalton: Most infuriating player ever.
3. Rob Cesternino: Loved it when Jenna handed it to him at the final challenge.

Biggest Tools
1. Ozzy Lusthe: Porn star wannabe with that facial hair.
2. Jean Robert Bellande: Poker dude had too many eye rolling moments to count.
3. Richard Hatch: The naked thing was just creepy.

Most Likable
1. Ethan Zohn: How could you not like Ethan???? Let's hope he overcomes his health problems.
2. Rudy Boesch: The old guy we all rooted for. Best one liners in the game.
3. Roger Bingham: Close one with Bob Crowley but Roger was just a sweet old man.

Best Seasons
1. Australia
2. All Stars
3. Pearl Islands

Worst Seasons
1. Marquesas
2. Vanuatu
3. Panama

I am sure I could think of some more but thats all for now. Getting late. Check back for more soon.

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