Saturday, April 24, 2010

Breaking News: Russell Hantz Arrested!!!!

Well the Evil One showed just how little class and out of control he really is as he took his act to the streets of Lafayette City, Louisiana during the Festival International and was arrested after getting into a confrontation with another partygoer. According to the police report, Hantz shoved this individual to the pavement and he was immediately cuffed and hauled off to jail where he was booked and later released. No word on if his wife bailed him out as they are rumored to be heading for a divorce. Come to think of it, partying in Mardi Gras territory without one's wife (Melanie Hantz was not there) is not a good sign for the couples prospects.

Anyways, this just goes to show you the kind of character he really is. I still can't believe so many people voted him the best player ever when he has never won the game. His bullying tactics and colorful quotes make for great TV but he is still behind Richard Hatch and is now getting passed by Parvati Shallow on the all-time totem pole.

Your thoughts on this? Is Russell's life totally spiraling out of control???? Are you surprised by this?

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