Wednesday, October 27, 2010


All right wrapup and than the hard knocks opinions.

Things start out at Espada camp after TC as Dan talks about how he is Teflon Dan as Chase talks to the others about getting Alina out. At the LeFlor camp, Jill and Marty try to get down to the bottom of what occured at TC. Marty in a confessional feels proud of holding onto his idol and he is ticked at Jane about her turning on him. He talks concretely about how she is next to go.

The next day Marty confronts Jane and talks about how straight he has been to her. He than goes to Jill and tells her what he said to Jane earlier. It is than immediately challenge time as 1 member of each tribe will act a defender on a perch in the water while the rest of the tribe tries to throw a ball into a net. Each successful throw gets a point and five points win it. The reward is a horseback ride and breakfast with eggs and freshly squeezed milk. The defenders for each tribe will be Fabio and Chase. Making a long challenge short, the Espada tribe gets it done and wins reward. Benry wingds up hitting the winner as he once again does an great in the challenge. During the challenge, Fabio disgustingly peed in the pool.

The reward commences for Espada as the tribe begins their horseback riding to their feast. The arrive at the farm and are shown how to milk the cow. Back at LeFlor, Jane surprisingly catches some fish and decides she is going to eat one on her own. She gets a fore started and begins her feast. At the same time this is going on, the rest of the Espada begin eating watermelon, eggs, and a bit of everything else. Holly and Alina become emptional at the meal but NaOnka doesnt buy the tears. She calls it a ploy all the way and continues with the notion of kicking her out.

Soon all the fun is kaput and the immunity challenge beckons. Standing at the top of a tower, two members of each tribe will roll cannon balls down a chute while four other members will use ropes to aim the chute to break the other tribes tiles. The first tribe to break five titles wins immunity. Benry and Alina do yeoman's work with their aim as oppposed to Brenda and Purple Kelly who struggle lining up the chute. Espada eventually destroys LeFlor in the challenge and wins immunity.

Back at LeFlor the talking begins as Fabio starts talking to Sash and Brenda about what to do at TC. He thinks they should split the vote 3-3 on Marty and Jill, thus flushing the idol and kicking out Jill. Sash begins to think about what to tell Marty so he does in fact play it. Brenda wants to ask for Marty's idol and than vote him out. Sash decides to tell Marty the plan about splitting the votes but also tells him he will look him in the eye and not vote him out if he gives him the idol. The BS is flying high now. Marty shockingly decides to give him the idol and the plan seemingly is set in stone now.

TC gets started and the talk begins on how LeFlor is struggling. Jane talks about the dynamics of the tribe and how certain people are on the outs. In response Marty calls her out in front of everyone but Jane claims there are no longer original tribal lines at play here. Sash than tells Jeff that he has the idol in his pocket. He lets out a Freudian slip about how he will hold onto the idol until he doesnt thinks he doesnt trust his alliance. This opens eyes amongst the others and Sash seems disturbed by his slip. The votes are soon cast however as Jill shockingly goes home instead of Marty. Here we go again.

All right now for the good stuff.

-ARE YOU KIDDING ME PART 2??????!!!!!!!!!! For the second week in a row these idiots had a chance to get rid of Marty and than instead boot out Jill????? Jill is useless and not a threat to anyone but they once again give a pass to the most dangerous player in the game? I dont understand this garbage at all. These people are such freakin morons and by people I mean Brenda, Sash, Kelly, and Fabio. This is so dumb on so many levels. What are they waiting for in keeping Marty around? For the merge to come where he will get the chance to team up with other desperate players like Alina and Dan to get back into the game? Forget Teflon Dan....Teflon Marty is more fitting with this. What a joke. I hate watching this crap sometimes and what I mean is the stupidity of these players lately. It started with the awful moves in Heroes VS Villains when it came to Tyson and JT and now this. '
-You know the biggest loser in all of this is Sash who could have voted Marty and been done with it. Yes I realize that the plan going in was to put 3 votes on Jill and 2 on Marty due to the fact of now knowing whether he would play the idol or not. Once they all realized Sash had the idol however, Brenda, Kelly, and Sash should have all just switched their votes to Marty and been done with it. But Kelly and Brenda are not smart enough to think on their feet like that but Sash had the foresight in knowing he had the idol and that he could easily switch his vote and knock him out. Ughhh....so stupid. The only thing I can think of and that I am hoping is in Sash's mind is that he is keeping Marty around to use as a pawn for later in the game but I really dont think this is the case. He seems like a really smart guy but I dont understand how he didnt comprehend this.
-You know a lot of people tell me its classic armchair quarterback when I write about what they should have done after the fact and most of the time thats true but not in these cases the last two weeks in regards to keeping Marty. Anyone with a half a brain can see from a mile away that it was the right move in kicking his ass out.
-I am really starting to think that the reason we are seeing so many dumbass moves from this season is the fact that the Survivor producers are now actively scouting out people from talent searches at the casting call locations they schedule before every season. This has been the preferred method for obtaining the casts lately instead of going through the applications that was the original way of filling out the cast. I think more times than not the players selected through this new method dont watch the show and thus dont have any idea strategically how to play the game. Thus we have what is going on this season. Those who applied to the show through the old means with the tape and such were the Survivor hard core fans who had an appreciation of how to play the game. Those are the people Mark Burnett should be bringing in. The quality of the competition has dropped big time now.
-Sash opened up a big old can of worms with his Freudian slip and it was hysterical seeing Fabio talk about how he knows Freud and than going off on a tangent about it. Please. Anyway you know Brenda's distrust radar was screaming there.
-OH MY GOD Purple Kelly actually got a confessional this week as she was talking about milking a cow. You cant make this stuff up.
-Way to go for Alina who is becoming a personal favorite of mine and not just because she is hot. She rocked in the challenge with Benry and I just hope she hangs around long enough to avenge the memory of Kelly B. and kick NaOnka's ass out.
-Benry is a fantastic player and is looking like a young Colby Donaldson from Australia before he got old and became a sissy in Heroes VS Villains. Bring it home buddy and make me look clarivoyant.
-I cant believe Marty is still here. Unreal. Just had to say that again.
-Jill thanked her husband and children during her Final Words. I hate to say it but the guy probably wears glasses and the lens need to be updated. What exactly is he looking at there?
-Fabio peeing in the pool was typical Fabio. Probst gave him the Jonny Fairplay patented head shake of disgust.
-I think when the tribes merge next week Chase and Brenda will be shown in slow motion running toward each other with open arms while Chariots Of Fire plays.
-Dan's perfomance was beyond embaressing. Sad actually. For a guy who presents the tough guy Italian mafioso look, he couldnt give Curtis Sliwa a decent brawl. Also I loved how he brought up John Gotti who he claims to have known personally in his pre-show interview.
-Jane is doing a nice job in the game and I love how she didnt take any crap from Marty or Jill and in the end was at least partly successful in booting them out. I also thought it was great how she caught the fish and ate it on her own. I always hated in past Survivors when useless tribemates who sat around and did nothing chowed down without a pang of guilt. Good job Jane.

All right thats all for now. Check back for more soon. Tell me what you thought below.


  1. I don't appreciate you taking a stab at the way Jill looks. She's incredibly intelligent, well-spoken, accomplished and athletic. And, although she might not have been the best strategist, she was a great player and I'm sorry to see her go. She seems like a wonderful person and her appearance isn't in any way unbearable. I love what you do on this blog, but please, keep it respectful. Appearances aren't everything.

  2. hey man I tell you what I feel at the moment. sorry if I offended you but I got to stay true to my views. most of it is with tongue firmly in cheek.