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Lets not waste time. Review and than the stupendous opinions.

Things start off back at the Espada camp the next morning after TC as a storm moves in and Dan tells Holly he is ready to pack it in. He admits he cant keep dealing with the rain and the sleepless nights. Once the sun comes out, its back to Espada as Yve and Holly talk about how TC went down. Yve denies an alliance with Tyrone and Holly thinks they should be more open with each other. She also tells her about Danny and Yve wants to use it as ammo to stay around.

Over at LeFore, Marty and Jill talk about their new surroundings and how the kids sleep all day. She is worried about being in the minority and so Marty begins chatting up Fabio. Brenda begins plotting in a confessional about splitting the vote of Marty and Jill so that one of them goes home at TC. Quickly things head to the challenge and the big twist is that there is no tribal immunity but two individual immunity necklaces since both tribes will be going to TC. The challenge consists of the tribe members racing to a spot on the beach where they will dig into the sand for a rope ring which is placed on a paddle and flipped into that person strapped to their back bucket. First person to get all three onto the post wins immunity and are safe from going home. The two winners will than square off in a ring toss and the first person to hook all three rings win a feast reward for their members. In addition, the winning reward tribe will have their TC first and than listen in on the other tribe's council while they eat. Making a long challenge short, Holly wins immunity for Espada and Jill wins immunity for LeFore. They both sqaure off in the ring toss as Jill comes through and wins the feast.

Once back at LeFlor, there is euphoria over the feast but Brenda is not buying it. She goes for a walk with Sash and he thinks they should split the vote for Marty and Kelly B and tell the latter they are voting out Jane. He wants to flush the idol out of Marty's possession and Brenda takes a page out of NaOnka's book on how Kelly B has to go due to her disability. Kelly B buys the whole vote Jane scenario but Brenda is worried about Fabio. We see Marty talking again to Fabio again and he tells him how he is a grand master in chess which is a bunch of bull. Fabio is buying it and he seems like he his going to go along for the ride. Marty talks alliance with Fabio, Jane, and Jill.

At Espada, Holly notes how the young people have the numbers and she has to go with them. Either Dan or Yve will be the ones to go. Dan continues with his complaining about the conditions and notes he doesnt need the dough. Benry and Chase want Yve to go on the other hand as he thinks she is the bigger threat. Yve decides to take matters into her own hand as she tells NaOnka and Alina about how Dan wants to quit. However they see through Yve and begin to think she at that point should go.

At LeFlor, Brenda tells Jane she is safe for tonight and tells her plan to split the vote. She tells Jane to vote Marty and she is good to go along with the idea. Sash in turn tells Fabio the same strategy and the latter seems hesitant. Things really get interesting as Sash tells Marty about the plan to vote out Jane and amazingly he seems to be falling for it. Ultimately what Marty does with the idol will determine who goes as far as Brenda's line of thought.

In an explosive TC, Marty and Brenda got toe-to-toe on whether he came up with the idea to kick off Jane. At the last second Marty mouths to Jane to vote Brenda. With that the votes are cast and Marty decides not to play the idol. The votes came down with 3 for Marty, 3 for Kelly B, and 2 for Brenda. The revote is cast and Kelly B unbelievably is sent home.

Espada has their TC next and Dan and Yve starts to go at each other during the battle of the desperate ones. Clearly though the tribe valued Dan's non-threatening place in the game over Yve's competitiveness and she got the boot in a unanimous vote.

All right this is going to be good. Opinions time:

-All right ENOUGH! I cant stand this anymore. I dont even know where to begin about HOW STUPID this group of Survivor players are, especially the morons that currently make up the LeFlor tribe. Are you kidding me with that vote?????? WTF A MILLION TIMES OVER!!!! First props....they actually pulled off the infamous Boston Rob split 3-3 vote with no hangups and the best part was that Marty didnt even play the idol. Thus the opportunity was there to kick his ass out of the game and flush him and the idol away forever. The man is the biggest threat in the game by far and presented with the Survivor opportunity of a lifetime, they drop the ball (and for the men their balls) in kicking out Kelly B. Kelly B bigger threat than Marty? Did Fabio suddenly clone his brain and insert them in all of their skulls? I still cant believe what I just saw. How could you possibly let the opportunity to kick out the Russell Hantz of the season in favor of a girl who was sweet as hell but had no firm ground to stand on in the game. They could have kicked her out whenever they wanted to along the way as she had only Alina in her pocket and no one else. Unreal. What a fu*(&ing joke. I can go on and on with this but whats the point. This group of people have made the wrong decision in almost every TC this season. Getting rid of Jimmy Johnson was a joke. Booting the barrel chested Tyrone over the crippled Dan even worse. And now THIS! The story was there to be written for Brenda to mastermind one of the greatest axes in Survivor history considering the caliber of player Marty is but she let it slide. Shame on all of them.
-One other thing. After seeing that Marty didnt play the idol, why didnt Brenda run to where Probst was and yell to everyone to vote out Marty? Obviously some plan was put in place beforehand to kick out Kelly B if there were a revote but again that made no sense. Stupid all around.
-Marty is totally going to kick ass now. He took numbers and its on. This is a man to be reckoned with.
-Brenda has played a great game so far but she deserves to get nailed for this fiasco and what was the point of her enraging Marty in front of everyone? That served no purpose other than to put a big X on her back for him to blow an arrow through. She lost focus this week and it likely will cost her the game.
-Sometimes the editing of Survivor is so predictable. You just knew after Brenda said they would split the vote 3-3 on Marty and Jill that the latter would win the individual immunity challenge. I didnt even watch as it was so damn obvious. And speaking of that challenge, those who put those things together have had better days. What kind of garbage was that? What a ridiculously bad challenge that was. Flipping rings behind you into your bucket. Pathetic.
-Poor Kelly B. She didnt have a chance in the game and it was for all the wrong reasons. I thought it was incredibly impressive and inspirational her competing on the show. Its too bad everyone used such a nice story against her in ousting her way too early than she deserved. What a shame.
-Marty telling Fabio he was a chess grandmaster was classic gullibility at its best. Forrest Gump would give Fabio a run for his money on an IQ test. And probably run faster too.
-I know I say this every week but now its just getting annoying how little time Purple Kelly gets. I guarantee you she is saying to herself "I sweat my ass off and was miserable all those days out there for a chance to be on TV and the snakes slithering around TC got more air time than I did?" I hear you Kelly. I hear you.
-I loved how Jane didnt fall for Marty's verbal order to vote Brenda. One thing Marty did was underestimate Jane. He felt all along she would be a pawn to him but he almost found out the hard way she wont be. He was ticked but he has bigger fish to fry at this point.
-As far as Espada is concerned, I have no issue with booting Yve over Dan. Dan is not a threat to anyone and Yve is not like Tyrone....meaning someone that can make a difference in challenges. She had heart but heart doesnt earn you much in the game. She was a nice looking gal for her age though.
-Dan Dan Dan...what are we going to do with you? Oh and by the way yeah I was the one who told you all how loaded the man is. I have driven through his hometown of Watermill, Long Island and the smallest house in that town starts at around 5 bedrooms. He doesnt need the dough. I do like his Brooklyn Italian accent and I get the feeling that he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.
-Holly shocked the hell out of me in winning immunity. For someone who I thought was destined to be kicked off right at the outset, she really has done well with her second chance in the game. I hate to say it but she is starting to move up the rankings list.
-Still waiting on Chase who is an enigma to me. For such a built dude, he hasnt stood out in any aspect yet.

All right thats all I got for now. Check back for more soon. Post your thoughts below.

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