Thursday, October 14, 2010

Survivor Rumors: The End Will Come After 25 Seasons?

As one of the most successful television programs of all time that is now on their second decade on air, many pundits have wondered aloud just when in fact Survivor will exit stage left. Rumors go back as fas as Survivor All Stars being the final season way back when and go all the way to Heroes VS Villains which some though could also be it. As S21 Nicaragua continues to destroy all competition in its televison spot, it appears as though the program is immune to failure. After all when any kind of show moves from its longtime night to another day of the week, that usually spells trouble as it meeses with viewers' habits which can be fickle at best. The ratings however this season have shown that Survivor's fans will follow it wherever it goes and so the thought of it ending its run is almost unfathomable.

Well the latest Apocalyptic notion for Survivor is that there will be only four more additiona season which will end with a BEST PLAYERS EVER finale which would mark the 25th season of the show. According to missaya (and who am I to doubt her anymore) the last four season will go like this:

S22-Rob VS Russelll
S23-new people
S24-another All Star season
S25-grand finale

Say it aint so in my mind as I hope I am rocking in a chaira long time from now while seeing Probst doing tribal council in his wheelchair. Survivor is a show that spans generations and is almost bulletproof. Lets hope Mark Burnett never lets this classic go away.

What do you all think of this? Believeable or just a dumb rumor? Lets hear it.


  1. The idea of an end to Survivor has terrified me for some time now, as I almost cannot imagine a life without it. I personally hope to see the show continue on as long as possible, however I never want to see it drag. If there comes a time with Burnett, Probst and viewers have sort of grown universally tired of it, I think it will be then time to put it to rest; the only thing I can imagine worse than an end to Survivor, would be a past its prime, tired and substandard Survivor. I've been worried for quite a while that Probst has had enough, but as long as he's still in, I hope to see the show going strong, from Season 21 to 25 and onward. I suppose we need to keep in mind though, that all good things must, at some point, come to an end. Let's just pray that end is nowhere in sight.

  2. Probst should not complain...I think his career will go back to anonymity once he leaves. I do think however that the show wouldnt work with a Probst replacement. no way the Survivor community would accept another host.

  3. Consider season 23 was the south pacific it did infact contain new people but alsoo brought back 2 old players Ozzy and Coach and the 24th season was not an new all stars season. Survivor created a new idea for season 24 One World, meaning two tribes but 1 camp. I think if the show is still coming up with these fantastic new ideas no way it will end at 25. The show is still no 1 and never looses any fans only gains them!!! I dont think the show will end any time soon. It still has at least 10 more years. I am a hard core fan of this show and the day it ends will be the end of telavsion for me. The show wont end until im on it!!! hahahah. Survivor will come up with many more ideas and twist to keep veiwers interested. The fans can never get bored. The dinamics of the show might be the same but with every new player comes a new twist which we all cant wait to see!!!! NUMBER 1 FAN!!!