Tuesday, October 12, 2010


There is a ton of excitement for the upcoming Survivor 22 season which will pit two of the biggest villains of all time going head to head against each other in the form of Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz. Despite the juicy sublots involved with this face-off, these two alpha males were not originally supposed to be the two doing battle. Sources confirm that the original winner of Survivor, Richard Hatch, was who Mark Burnett wanted to go against Hantz in S22. However due to continuing complications from his jail stint for tax evasion and subsequent house arrest, Hatch was not able to leave the country just like when he approached to do Heroes VS Villains.

On top of that tidbit, Burnett and Jeff Probst came up with a list of 40 former players who would make the trip to Nicaragua and thus would be picked gym class style by Hantz and Hatch/Mariano. Those who dont get chosen would be sent home. This idea was also nixed however in favor of new players coming in their place.

All in all I would have given anything to see original champ Richard Hatch agaianst Russell. That certainly would have been better than Rob VS Russell despite my approval for the latter. And I loved the gym class pick em from the 40 other players. I would love to have seen that list of who they would have brought back. Rob VS Russell is more than good but the other scenario would have been much better.

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