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First the wrapup like always and than my awesome, every mother loves them opinions.

Things get started back at the Espada camp as the tribe discusses the boot of Jimmy Johnson. The rain is pouring down and everyone is miserable at camp. Jimmy T disputes the leadership that Jimmy J had and admitted he had no use for him in the game. He breaks into song at camp as morale looks bad. Marty doesnt appreciate it and thinks he is a loudmouth. He goes on to say that he is obnoxious and that he expects him to hang himself soon.

The next morning at Espada, Holly notices that the water is flooding the beach as the tide is pouring in. The beach is covered with debris and mud. Dan notes that he burnt his foot and ripped up his sneakers. Jill begins to talk about how the tribe has no food and no means to get it. Holly and Jimmy T meanwhile come up with a plan to catch fish with a net by launching it into the water and trapping them under it. Marty doesnt seem impressed and walks away. Finally Jane admits she will miss Jimmy J and believes the tribe will also miss his presence.

Back at LeFlor NaOnka and Brenda continue working on the hidden immunity idol clue and bow to find it. Brenda thinks she has it figured out and instructs NaOnka where to go. After searching for a bit they wind up discovering it as the exult in triumph. NaOnka claims its her in a confessional and puts it in her sock. Kelly B and Alima meanwhile talk about their poor spot in the tribe and Alina talks about how pathetic NaOnka's behavior is. They both retrace NaOnka's steps in their quest to find it. NaOnka follows them and starts a huge argument with Kelly B. and continues with her hate-filled remarks about her missing leg.

That night at Espada Jane and Marty try to prop up the tribe. Marty wants there to be one voice at challenges and he nominates Tyrone for the job. Jimmy T speaks up about it and admits he is fine with the arrangement. He claims in a confessional that he knows Marty is not a fan of his and that he wants control. That leads into the next morning where tree mail arrives as a blindfold is included. They begin praticing using Tyrone's voice in a challenge simulation. Jimmy T is barking througout the practice however and Marty is loving every second of it as he predicted this would occur.

The challenge commences as Probst instructs how it runs. One person from each tribe is the caller and the rest are blindfolded. They will instruct each member to go and retrieve ten items out in the field and once that is accomplished, send them out for a set of keys that will open a box. Once the box is open the winner is crowned. The LeFlor's use the medallion of power and get a two item headstart. In addition the winning tribe gets a home depot tool box along with immunity.

Brenda and Tyrone are the callers anad the game begins. LeFlor is off to a great start as Tyrone seems to struggle with the signals. It soon gets chaotic with the Espada tribe as LeFlor continues to grab their items. It becomes a landslide as LeFlor wins easily and gets immunity and the tools. Needless to say things are looking terrible for Espada.

Back at Espada camp Dan and Tyrone try to make excuses about the defeat. Jimmy J continues with his wish to get more involved in challenges as Tyrone challenges him on it. Tyrone seems done with him and thinks he is all for himself. Meanwhile at LeFlor things are good as they bask in their winnings with the tarp brining about the biggest response. There also was a clue in the tackle box which Chase found and he proceeds to show Brenda. Little does he know that the idol is already found. While the go looking for it they being talking about trust issues as Brends tells him that NaOnka has the idol.

Once again its back at Espada and discussion begins about who to vote out of the game. The team goes out looking for sea urchins as Jimmy T calls out Marty for eating some without sharing. Marty is ticked as he reports back to Yve about how he wants him out. Holly and Jane talk voting and the latter thinks Dan should go since he is the weakest person. Marty and Jill however decide Jimmy T and the wheels are starting to be put into motion. Tyrone wants Dan however and Jill reports back to Marty. It will come down to either one as they go to TC. Once again Jimmy T talks about how he wants to be given the shot to lead and Dan talks about how he doesnt regrets sitting out due to his knee. Holly surprisingly speaks up for Jimmy T which offers up some intrigue as we head into the voting. The ultimate portion of the TC was Jimmy T getting chocked up as he talks about how he is a man or honor and how he will step down and be a worker bee. With that being said, when the votes were cast Jimmy T wound up going home by a 6-3 count.

ALl right with that out of the way lets get to the good stuff.

-Jimmy T was a blowhard who was annoying as hell but Marty and company made a bad move here. Yes the tribe are being switched up next week but they obviously didnt know this at that point. Keeping a cripple like Dan instead of a fully able Jimmy T is a stupid move and one that never makes sense to me. Whatever.
-What really was disturbing to me was the fact that Tyrone made Jimmy T get emotional and set him up to believe he was staying by making him pour his heart out and accept being a role player around camp. It totally seemed like he was staying and Dan was going but nada. Why even make the guy go through that only to vote him off? I thought that was in bad taste and uncalled for.
-Let me say this: Tyrone has been a complete bust just like Dan but for different reasons. Whereas Dan doesnt have it physically and really shouldnt have even been accepted into the show, Tyrone for all his muscles has bombed out of two challenges. Not good. And that dour attitude is really annoying to me. Lighten up dude. Your on Survivor instead of at work. Enjoy it for a minute or two. Put a smile on your face please.
-Again how is Holly still in the game? I have to say this though....she was the only one who made any sense at TC when she said that Jimmy T should be given a shot. Jane voted with her for Dan and that speaks volumes for where their heads are at in the game. They are thinking correctly for the team while Marty is looking out for numero uno.
-Jill is getting to be so pathetic. If I hear her say one more time "whatever you decide" to Marty when it comes to figuring out who to vote out I am going to scream. Get a set...er..um...yeah wrong sex with that statement but you know what I mean. MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES WOMAN!! Stop doing the cavewoman bit and let the caveman who is Marty drag you around by your hair.
-One more thing on Jimmy T. His final words were sad. He really feels like he blew it and overall he wasnt as bad as he was portrayed I dont think.
-I miss Jimmy Johnson.
-Yve is looking kinda sexy lately for an older chick.
-So NaOnka finds the hidden immunity idol on the heels of Russell basically having a patent on it the last two season. Is part of the requirements for finding it entail you have to be a despicable, politically incorrect person? I guess so. Once again she goes on the attack against Kelly B and throws in a few more cringing cripple remarks. What was really sad was the look on Kelly B's face during the confrontation while they were looking for the idol. She looked embareseed and almost defeated by her. It was almost like a school girl getting mocked by the class bully in front of everyone. Damn I hope she somehow wins. Now that Jimmy J is gone she is one I totally hope gets the million bucks.
-Purple Kelly where have you gone??? This is starting to get ridiculous with her. That is always the best indication that someone goes far in Survivor. If you see them for 2.5 seconds through the first four episodes than you got a possible winner. I cant even evaluate her because she has not been involved in anything.
-NaOnka cries next week....cant wait. Hopefully her mom came on the show and rubbed soap in her mouth.
-I bet Shannon got a kick while watching at home when he saw Chase and Sash holding hands during the immunity challenge.
-The tribes being dissolved next week is Mark Burnett saying "we better put a stop to this before the young people run away with the game". What happens with the medallion of power is also a mystery. I hope it gets throw into the ocean if you ask me. It was a dumb idea and needs to never be mentioned again. It ruins the integrity of the challenge and basically ensures whoever uses it will win. Enough with this.
-Brends is playing a great game btw and she is surprsing the heck out of me. I guess I should have seen this coming after she found the medallion right out of the gate.

Thats all I got for now. My Chinese food just got her. Check back for more later on tonight or tomorrow. Post your thoughts below.

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