Wednesday, October 20, 2010


All right so we already have established that Survivor 22 is headlined by the rivalry between Boston Rob and Russell Hantz but now word is that this season is possibly one big RIVALS competition with a member of each tribe having some kind of past together or some sort of affiliation. Since first learning that Rob and Russell would go at, we have discovered that former pageant competitors Carrie Prejean (Miss California) and Amber Underwood (Miss Maine) will be on opposing tribes (Underwood with Rob and Prejean with Russell). Both competed in pageants directly against each other so they certainly know about each other and likely have had a conversation or two at some point along the way. Since we now know that mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice is a competitor on Rob's tribe, it would stand to reason another fighter of some sort would be on Russell's tribe IF this scenario is true.

Again there has been no confirmation whatesoever on if in fact this is an entire RIVALS campaign but it would be interesting to say the least. Also I reported awhile ago about how Johnny Chan could possibly be a potential contestant. I wrote about it based on nothing but my own intuition and now I see my post being circulated all over the web with different authors attached to it. Whatever. Daniel Negreanu is not happening. He played in poker tournaments during taping and thus wont be there. As far as Chan is concerned, part of the reason I guessed him was because he took a "vacation" during that time so it would make sense. I keep hearing poker players mentioned for the season so its still out there. As far as a rival, I dont know of any particular guy he has had run-ins with over the years. I dont watch poker that closely so if anyone has a guess feel free to post it.

As always more when I hear it.

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