Saturday, October 2, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 3 Secret Scenes

Secret scene time. Lets get to it:

-First up is Yve who feels she has an endurance strength and is noticing those who need rest. She point out how the men are getting hit hard along with Holly in the strength department. She thinks she and Jane are the strongest mentally and physcially.

-Holly takes what Yve was saying a step further by talking about how Dan is looking very weak and is clearly the weakest link on the team. She has noticed that he is laying around a bunch and that he seems tired.

-Idiot Marty is up next (sorry I am still ticked he ousted Jimmy J) as he discusses how finding the hidden idol was huge and thrilling for him. He looks at it as a double edged sword however. The feedback he has gotten from it is that the tribe took it well that he showed everyone he had it.

-Brenda takes her turn as she talks about how when going to tribal council she really didnt think she was coming back to camp. She thought she was going home and was in a state of shock when going back to camp after it was over with. She notes whoever was with Shannon is in trouble and that includes Ben who who voted with her but originally had planned to vote her out. Her plan is to continue building relationships with her alliance and to do her best in challenges. The goal is to also keep a close eye on Kelly B, Fabio, Ben, and Alina.

-Dan gets two different spots to chat as he first discusses how he kept the fire going the first few days and that things are tough. The roof of the shelter is not working and he notes that he would have taken the tarp over the fishing gear at the challenge. He pins it on Marty but says he also gave it a good effort in fishing the other day. The lines were drawn between Jimmy J and Marty in his view.

-The second tidbit from Dan was about how he was sticking it out despite feeling run down and that he will not throw in the towel. It was a full scene from camp Espada as the tribe (specifically Jill) talk about how they won the fishing gear. Dan continues on to say it was a tough day and that the bugs were biting non-stop. He finishes it by saying he doesnt want to let down his sons while he is in the game.

-Loudmouth NaOnka is up now as she talks about "swag" or how she carries herself around camp. She says how she can be everything like being hood, valley, reggae, or ghetto. She thinks no one else on the tribe have swag other than Purple Kelly. She notes that she treats her like her little sister and appreciates her. As far as later in the game she thinks Purple Kelly would be a sure vote for her. Sash is brought up by her as she thinks if he is homosexual than all the power to him and that she likes to hang out with men like him. Those two are her closest allies in the game.

-Jill gives her spiel on how her goal continues to be to keep the tribe strong when it comes to voting people out. She thinks her stock is high and that she is the strongest girl in the tribe.

-Jane talks about how her heart sank her tribe blew the lead in the challenge. She thought the game plan should have been for Tyrone to go back into the challenge after Jimmy T because he is a good basketball player. Luck was the main culprit in the challenge and she was upset they didnt get the fruit.

-We see next Alina talking at length about how she thinks NaOnka is crazy. She talked about how she told Kelly B to look for a clue in the basket of fruit after the challenge. It was awkward in her mind when NaOnka wrestled Kelly B for the clue and that she blew the mood of the tribe. She thought she handled it terribly and that it fits her personality. NaOnka's actions she felt divided the tribe even more now. The cat is out of the bag now regarding the hidden idol clues. She knows that her and Kelly B need to do everything they can when it comes to finding the hidden idol and keeping it away from NaOnka. It seems Alina believes this is their only chance to stick around in the game.

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