Monday, October 25, 2010


Wow this could go down as quite possibly the biggest first boot in Survivor history. If you dont want to get spoiled than look away by missaye in great detailed talked about what went down in the first three days. Here we go:

As I told you many times before, Boston Rob and Kimbo Slice get into it pretty good right off the bat as they both fight for control of the tribe. Slice gets a coalition together to get him out and he has the numbers. Only way Rob can be saved is with a hidden immunity idol which Carrie Prejean of all people find on DAY 1!!!!!!!!!! Of course at TC Prejean gives it to Rob and the Slice goes home as he goes down as the biggest physical boot to go first in the show's history. Crazy.

As far as my thoughts:

-It was assumed Prejean was on Russell's tribe which obviously is not true. And whats fishy about this is the fact that Rob gets saves on the FIRST TC with a hidden idol and gets it handed to him. I am not saying anything was orchestrated behind the scenes but the season is being hyped as Rob VS. Russell.....what could would it be if either of them got the boot early? Would be awful so you have this....but again I am not saying there was nonsense going on. Just suspicious is what I believe. And as far as Slice is concerned, what a waste. Surely CBS expected more out of his presence in the game.

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