Saturday, October 23, 2010


We are down to a dozen players left after two went down the tubes last Wednesday. Here is how they stack up in the latest Survivor Nicaragua rankings.

1. Marty-Marty has been ranked at the top from the beginning and nothing changes as Brenda and company missed a golden opportunity to get him out of the game. Every Survivor champion has a close call along the way it seems and this could be the one that Marty dodges on his way to the title. The fact he still has the hidden idol is a huge bonus.

2. Brenda-Marty and Brenda are calling the shots in LeFlor and this is battle where only one can survive. Marty gets the edge with his hidden idol but Brenda has more friends in the game. The lines have been drawn in the sand after the last TC so it should be fun to see how this shakes out.

3. Jill-the girl is riding shotgun in Marty's camaro but she chose the right person to play the game with. What really good here is that there is no sign of any type of friction or competitiveness in their relationship and that bodes well for them going the distance together. She also showed her chops in individual immunity challenges by winning last week.

4. Sash: Sash has a ton of friends in the game and he really has been no threat to anyone. Right now he is the forgotten man and should slide through for at least a few more weeks.

5. Benry: As I have said many times, this kid seems to have it all. Athletic, likable, under the radar. Sounds like a winning combo to me. When the merge comes it will get tough however so he has to shore up some sort of alliance before it arrives.

6. Chase: Chase and NaOnka have a mutual respect going for one another and he also has Brenda waiting for him on the other side. He also has struck up a friendship with Holly and is seen as a nice guy so its all good right now.

7. NaOnka: she kept her mouth quiet for the most part last week and she still has her hidden immunity idol. If the merge arrives and she is still here, she has a good shot to go all the way as everyone will want to bring her to the end with the correct assumption being she is easy to beat in front of a jury.

8. Kelly S: Kelly still chugs along under the radar with no face time in sight. We all know that has been a winning hand in the past (Natalie, Danni) so its possible she keep slipping through to the end of the game.

9. Holly: Holly has really turned the game around for herself and she now has a nice friendship going with the young people. She is really not respected as a threat and thus she is starting to slip by under the radar. She also won immunity for herself last week so she is doing her part to look relevant.

10. Jane: Jane drops big time this week as she has drawn her line in the sand opposite power player Marty. This could be bad for her place in the game as she is the weakest link on the team and is now no longer looked at as someone the older people on ther team want to be with.

11. Alina: Alina has a bulldog mentality and a fighting spirit but she has no support system in this game. Her best friend Kelly B is now gone and she will have big problems if her tribe loses again.

12. Dan: The man continues to bring up the rear week in and week and at some point he should be put out of his misery. What a joke he is.

So thats it for another week. Your respectful replies are welcome as always.

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