Friday, October 8, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Rankings: Who Is Most Likely To Win After 4 Episodes???

So Jimmy T bites the dust this week which is not a surprise. I had him ranked very low going into the week and thus this move doesnt alter the standings much. Lets take a look.

1. Marty: Marty still has the top spot but for the first time since the beginning, he could be threatened with the tribes being switched up this week. Still he had the hidden idol and seems to not have anyone gunning for him. He is annoying as hell but is proving to be a savvy player.

2. Brenda: Brends leaps two spots to second place as she has a lot of good things going on with her game due to her alliances with hidden immunity idol owning NaOnka and also a firm footing with Chase. This girl is a player and proving herself to me as we keep going on.

3. Jill: Jill holds steady at number 3 but her stock could take a big hit if she is placed on a tribe oppposite main ally Marty. I keep harping on her submissiveness to him which is not helping her but she has no enemies and has a firm footing in the game right now.

4. Sash: Sash leapfrogs Benry this week as he is in tight with the big alliance on his tribe and no one is looking at him as a physical threat which are two big plusses. He seems very intelligent and reminds me some of Todd Herzog from China. Wont call him a contender yet but he is solid.

5. Benry: This guy was my pick from the beginning and I am not going back on it now. Despite being on the outside looking in with regards to the LeFlor alliance, the tribal switch could do wonders for him here. Nice kid, athletic, quiet.....winner????

6. Jane: I still like Jane's chances a lot and she will certainly make it to the merge. No one will be paying attention to her and she is well-liked.

7. Kelly B: Now that it appears a tribal switch is imminent, this will help boost her chances exponentially. Kelly B is the total package....nice, athletic despite her disability, and someone who is very loyal. Being realistic, her disability is a hindrance as many dont want her to get to the end because they think she will be a charity but if she can somehow minimize this, there stands a good chance we see her sittin in front of the jury at the end of the game.

8. NaOnka: For someone with a hidden immunity idol in her pocket, NaOnka should be ranked higher. The reason she is this low is obvious. She is tremendously unlikable and she looks like she is starting to break down mentally based on next week's coming attractions. No one will ever give her the million dollars but she can get to the end if someone correctly goes with her on the assumption she would be an easy beat in front of the jury.

9. Kelly S: If it were based on looks, Kelly S would be sitting at the end with Alina but obviously you need game which she hasnt shown. I dont take her seriously but you have to consider her flying under the radar a la Natalie White in Samoa.

10. Fabio: I have elevated Fabio quite a bit this week due to the fact that he continues to go along with no one looking to take his head off other than NaOnka....who herself is probably more conerned with Alina and Kelly B right now. The guy is hilarious and is not being taken seriously....which could allow him to sneak into the finals where he actually would be a favorite to win based on his likability.

11. Yve: There is not much top say about her. She is kinda just there and so there is not much to talk about here. Check back next week to see what transpires with the switch.

12. Chase: Despite the bulging muscles, I have not been high on Chase's chances from the beginning. He stands a good chance of getting the boot before the merge due to his threat in individual challenges and Brenda will stab him in the back when she gets the chance.

13. Alina: Alina moves up a few spots as the tribal switch will help her big time if it breaks right and she gets away from NaOnka. Still she is not seen as a big help physically so she still needs to get through a few more challenges before she rises some.

14. Tyrone: The guy is not going to last much longer if he doesnt imrpove the attitude. He also has been lousy in challenges so that a bad combo to own.

15. Holly: Still cant believe she didnt go before Jimmy J. The crazy thing is that she is starting to be forgotten about which could elevate her standing in the game.

16. Dan: He has been a total bust and is surely going to go soon as he can hardly stand.

There you go. Any disagreement? Lets hear it.

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