Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ok some other B-list celebrities have been making the rounds today regarding if they will be competing on the Russell VS Rob season and two prominent ones making waves are gossip king Perez Hilton and mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice.

The Perez Hilton thing got started due to the revelations that disgraced former Miss California Carrie Prejean will in fact be on the S22 roster. Hilton and Prejean of course went head-to-head during a pageant where he confronted her on her anti-homosexual beliefs. The setting was there for a rematch in Nicaragua theoretically but IT FLAT OUT DIDNT HAPPEN. Hilton has been on the radio doing his thing and also updating his web site constantly when the show was airing.

The other interesting name is Kimbo Slice from mixed martial arts fame. I have heard conflicting reports on this but I do know Mark Burnett and company have been hard after him for awhile. Slice is an aboslute strength monster who makes James look like Johnny Fairplay but he apparently was doing promotional work during the time the competition took place. However super sleuth missaye hints at otherwise and she has been dead on with things in the past so I would lean with the latter scenario. No doubt he would immediately take the mantle of strongest player ever.

More as I hear it.

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