Monday, November 1, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Tribe Rankings: Who Is Currently The Favorite?

For the first time since the beginnig of the show, we have a new favorite as Sash takes the mantle after stepping up in a huge way last week and taking hold of the hidden imunity idol from Marty. The old guy is still dangerous himself though and it not to be underestimated. Lets see who the final twelve stack up.

1. Sash: No doubt he earned the top spot this week after convining Marty to give him the hidden immunity idol and thus voting out Jill in the process which is big since she is the dangerous Marty's biggest ally. I thought he missed a golden opportunty in not voting out Marty instead and that could come back and bite him but thats a concern for another day.

2. Brenda: Brenda is a power payer of which there is not doubt. She tkes a backseat to Sash however as he has the idol and he seems to be calling the shots now. Still she has been playing a great game and will be a force to be reckoned with.

3. Marty: Even though he no longer has the hidden immunity idol, Marty is not to be taken lightly. The man is still incredibly cunning and has the merge coming up to get him right back into the game. He is hurt by the loss of loyal Jill though.

4. Benry: The guy continues to get it done in the challenges and he is a slam dunk winner in the likability deparment. No one seems onto this yet which is surprising. He is the total package of what a Survivor winner looks like.

5. Chase: Ultimately I feel Chase is the third wheel in the Brenda/Sash power play but the good 'ol boy is also well liked and is without threats at the moment.

6. Purple Kelly: The merge is here and thats where someone who plays the under the radar game like Purple Kelly does well. She has been pretty useless to this point but we have seen this script before.

7. Jane: Jane got herself into a bit of trouble this past week with Marty but now that the merge has arrived, Jane will certainly not be the first target of the group. Other than Marty she is well liked and no doubt can win the game if she gets to the end here.

8. NaOnka: Only because she has the hidden immunity idol do I even have her this high. We all know her bad attitude will doom her fate in the game.

9. Fabio: He just continues to get by with is hazy demeanor but no one takes him seriously. He is mascot and thats it.

10. Holly: Holly has saved her game over the last few weeks and found new friends with the young people. You never know.

11. Alina: She narrowly missed getting the boot last week but I said all along that if she advanced to the merge, her chances would improve. Well she made it so lets see how the first week goes before we move her up.

12. Dan: He was a joke in the challenge last week but like with Alina, making the merge is good for him as power players get targeted at this point. Amazing he is still around.

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