Wednesday, October 20, 2010


One of the best aspects of Survivor and its longevity is the fact that for times than not, Mark Burnett and company have assembled a tv-friendly cast most seasons and thus made tuning it a must. In fact its fair to say that the strength of the cast is the sole determining factor in whether a particular season of the show can be looked at as an exciting or boring one. Some of the best non-All Star casts that I can recall off the top of my head:

Survivor Australia
Survivor Pearl Islands
Survivor Palau
Survivor Amazon
Survivor China
Survivor Samoa

Of course there have been some poor ones as well such as:

Survivor Maquesas
Survivor Vanuatu (in my opinion the WORST cast ever)
Survivor Thailand

All in all I think Survivor Nicaragua has assembled a very interesting bunch that has made this season interesting. NaOnka is so outrageous with her remarks that she is a must-see in order to hear what comes out of her mouth next, Marty is a real hard core player who is so arrogant that you hope he gets the boot, Holly is psycho, Kelly B with her disability is a nice story, Jimmy Johnson with his celebrity, etc. No doubt we will be seeing some of these people again in upcoming All Star editions which are in the works as we speak.


  1. I pretty much agree with you there that it is all in the casting and how well you can relate to them and the entertainment value. My fave seasons so far have been Nicaragua, Outback and Tocantins because each episode have been very entertaining!

  2. yeah Outback and Tocantins were very good. I am still partial to China...through that was a very good season along with Palau and Pearl Islands.