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As always the wrapup first and that the glorious opinions:

We start off back at the Espada camp after TC as Holly explains how shocked she was that Jimmy T was booted. She talks about how she knows she is on the outs and that something has to change.

The next day as Espada Marty confirms he is in control of the tribe and that he is very confident of his position. He notes with Dan that Holly is next and that she and Jane are on the outs right now. Meanwhile at LeFlor NaOnka takes on the Marty role about how she also thinks she is control and that Alina and Kelly B are out soon.

Both tribes are brought together for the challenge early as Probst tells everyone to drop their buffs. The tribes are changing. Marty admitted it was too early in his mind for it and Jud talks about how everything is up in the air now. New captains are drawn from a hat full of rocks as each player picks one and doesnt look. The yellow and blue rocks note the captains as Brenda and Holly get lucky. Holly has to pick four young people while Brenda has to pick three older people. Probst soon reads the selection as Brenda picks Marty, Jane, and Jill while Holly picks Alina, Benry, Chase, and NaOnka. The game is now brand new. The exchange pleasantries as they tribe names are switched. Finally the medallion of power is removed from the game.

The challenge beckons and its for reward. Two members of each tribe will throw a ball while the other members must try and catch it when it falls. If it falls the other tribe gets a point. The first tribe to three gets reward which is three chickens and one rooster. Benry and Chase catch for Espada and Sash and Marty for Espada. Sash drops first and LeFlor is on the board. Tyrone next drops as LeFlor gets on the board. Marty next drops a ball as Espada takes the lead. Next Alina drops and its tied 2-2 with the next drop deciding the winner. Marty winds up dropping a second ball as Espada wins it.

Espada brings their loot back to camp as they begin talking about what to do with the chickens. Tyrone begins by giving orders and laying down the law at camp. Alina didnt like to hear it and NaOnka seconds that belief. Holly on the other hand loves her new tribes and seems to bond with the young people. She talks about a connection with Alina and NaOnka and how she is better off with them than the older group.

Back at LeFlor Fabio talks about how happy he is with the new group and Marty begins discussing how things were done at the older tribe. Right away the contrast in styles is apparent as Brenda said they were all chill while Marty talks about how the older people work. Marty however is one a mission to find out who has the hidden idol on the young tribe and Fabio spills the beans. He picks up on how there is no leadership with the young people. He also decides to tell the group that he has the hidden idol as he figured Jane would spoil it. Brenda doesnt admire his honesty and thinks he is arrogant.

Back at Espada we see the rains have returned while the tribe looks to get the fire going again. NaOnka is having a problem however as she is sitting in the shelter and begins to cry due to the miserable weather. The irony is that Alina of all people sits in there with her anad comforts her. Alina secretly enjoys it though as she wouldnt care if NaOnka quit. Chase also comes in as she talks about leaving. In a touching moment Chase talks about the day his dad passed away as a means of getting her though the ordeal. The storm continues into the night as no one can sleep due to the persistent rain.

The next day things dry out and its time for a challenge. Three members of each tribe will be attached to a wheel while three other members turn them underwater where they will collect the liquid in their mouths and than spit it into a tube. Once there is enough water in the tube a ball is released and the two remaining members use the ball to break five tiles. Whoevere breaks the five tiles first wins. LeFlor starts by going much faster than Espada but they take the lead. The Espada tube gets filled as Tyrone and Benry start to break tiles. LeFlor soon has their tube fill as Tyrone breaks the first tile. Jane answers for LeFlor. Fabio and Benry get their first and Fabio hits again to take a 3-2 lead for LeFlor. Jane hits the fourth for LeFlor as Benry hits the third and fourth for the tie. During crunch time Fabio hits the last one and LeFlor wins immunity. NaOnka continues to talk about how she thinks she is done as the tribes go back home.

Back at Espada NaOnka seems resigned to her fate as she wants to go. It is decided to eat the chicken before TC but Tyrone objects to it. They vote on it as everyone goes for it but Tyrone. Chase retrieves one and snaps the neck and soon they are eating. Tyrone sat back and didnt help make it but he got right on it when it was time to eat. Soon everyone notices how he got a huge portion of the chow and soon seems marked as people start talking about voting. Despite this everyone is also aware about how NaOnka is looking to leave and so this is what they are looking at going to tribal council that evening.

Once at TC Alina exposes the fact that Tyrone was laying down the law. He objected to that but claims that it could be a generational gap at work. We than hear a bombshell from NaOnka that she was divorced and that the tribe helped her out during the rough previous 24 hours. She compared the two events and noted that she thinks she is in a good spot now. Once the votes were cast however Tyrone got the boot by a 6-2 tally as old tribal lines were destroyed.

All right with that out of the way lets get to the good stuff:

-Once again the vote was stupid and made no sense. Here you have a bigoted, whiny, blowhard of a woman who has done nothing but cause havoc wanting out of the game and instead the Espada's kick off their most physically strong player. Yes Benry and Chase are tough guys but wouoldnt they be that much more formidable with Tyrone joining them instead of the weak NaOnka? I just dont understand it. And this thing about kicking him out because he was ordering people around. First of all he wasnt ordering anyone around. He was being an adult and advising the young people on how best to do things. Of course they took it as him being a bossy parent. I am 31 years old so I think you should know where I am coming from when it comes to this. I am right smack dab in the middle of the genration battle here but I am sorry I side with Tyrone. I guess that means I am getting old. He should have stayed. The young people should have shown more maturity and have the foresight to use him for his strength now and still have the option of dumping him later.
-I didnt even mention the fact that Espada could also have flushed out the hidden immunity idol from NaOnka who showed no interest in playing it despite knowing she could be in trouble. This tells me she knew she had the numbers on her side which is why the idol stayed in her pocket. The fact that the others wouldnt take the opportunity to blindside her and get rid of the idol was pure stupidity.
-Alina was the one who annoyed the hell out of me with the vote as she had the most to gain by getting rid of NaOnka. She could have eliminated her and Kelly B's fiercest rival and opened up more possibilities for herself in the game. Instead she kept a lunatic of a woman in the game who will turn her back on her as soon as she no longer needs her anymore.
-I love how fake both NaOnka and Alina were in talking to each other after the tribal switch. Yes they needed each other but that was too much to take. What was even worse was Alina going into the shelter to comfort her when she was having her breakdown. Please. Give me a bucket to puke in. Also Chase's story was nice and sad in that he lost his father but he too should have ignored her.
-As far as Tyrone himself is concerned, he created his own grave by being so damn negative. There was like a dark cloud over the guy as he never seemed happy about anything. He redefined the word grumpy. Lots of potential with his power but in the end he was a bust.
-Benry is starting to take a more active role in the game which is good to see. He is still my pick.
-All right I have to say it. The mysterious Purple Kelly (I have been told that yes she is in the game) has passed Alina in my Hottest Chick On This Season Of Survivor rankings.
-I loved when NaOnka referenced her students in regards to how she didnt want to send the wrong message to her about if she quit. I guess she didnt think of them when she made hateful comments about those with disabilities or when she stole socks from Fabio.
-I wont miss the medallion of power and heres hoping we dont ever see it again. Will go down as one of the dumber ideas in Survivor history.
-The tribe switch was totally necessary as the LeFlor's were going to overrun the Espada's no doubt. I think Burnett and company realized this and hence the mix up. If the challenges were more evenly won by the two tribes than I am not sure we see a switch for another couple of weeks.
-Dan has more lives than Wile E. Coyote.
-Brenda is totally the power female this season no matter how many times NaOnka drops Kelly B.
-Thank goodness Holly and Brenda didnt have to pick based on sex because they might have had a hard time deciding whether Jill was a man or a woman.
-I still cant figure out Chase. Is he a power player? Is he just Brenda's foil? I am still leaning toward the latter.
-Fabio had his moment in the sun during the immunity challenge. I thought he was a goner by now but good for him. He is a cool dude using his language here.
-Marty is so high on himself to the point that I cant even listen anymore. He is a good player but someone needs to blindside him.
-Marty ending up with Jill again on the same tribe is surely a boon to his and her chances.
-Loved how Jane has drawn a line in the sand between her and Marty and Jill. She is awesome.
-Marty showing the idol to the others was a good move no matter what anyone says. He was right in that Jane would have told everyone so he might has well had said something. However him hanging it up was a brainless idea. If I were anyone else on that tribe I would have swiped it within two seconds and never given it up. Where is Russell when you need him? Wow I cant believe I just said that. Soon enough Russell.
-Before you know it Dan is going to need to be carried to the challenges. He is useless right now.

Thats all for now. I will post more as soon as my fingers heal from the typing. Lets hear what you got to say.

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