Friday, October 15, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Rankings: Who Currently Is The Favorite?

We had a big tribal merge to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings and in the process change the fortunes of a good number of the remaining 15 contestants. So lets see how the stack up in the latest Survivor Nicaragua rankings.

1. Marty: The tribal switch really didnt do much to impact his chances as he moved on with his biggest ally Jill by his side and other than Brenda, no one seems leery of him. Brenda is the only person he has to worry about at this point but knowing Marty he will move quickly to take care of her.

2. Brenda: She is without a doubt the strongest woman in the game and has a chance to take firm control if she can eliminate Marty. She still has Chase on her tribe which is big and has many friends on the other side.

3. Jill: The top three remain the same as Jill is still walking with Marty through the game. He doesnt fear here and thus he likely will continue to take her along for his ride.

4. Benry: Benry moves up a spot as the tribal switch did wonders for him. He was on the outside looking in as far as the dominant alliance in the LeFlor before the switch and now he has a new lease on the game. He is still my pick to win.

5. Chase: Chase makes the biggest leap in the rankings this week as he seems well liked by everyone and is now the one that Brenda has to lean on the most since NaOnka is on the other tribe now.

6. Jane: I have been ranking Jane higher than most as I really believe in her likability and the fact she is a very strong woman. She is already putting word out about Marty and Jill and is starting to show her style of game. Keep and eye on her here.

7. Kelly B: Like Benry, Kelly B is another one who sees a big spike in her value with a tribal switch. The disability issue is still going to be something she has to guard against but no one is really gunning for her right now.

8. Kelly S: Kelly S continues on her merry way with no threats in sight. She is a guaranteed merge player right and could play the under the radar card right to the end of the game.

9. Sash: Sash is the male version of Kelly S as he too is not being mentioned much. He helped create the LeFlor alliance but now he is just hanging out on the periphery.

10. NaOnka: The hidden idol is still in her possession but the Espada's stupidly missed an opportunity to flush it out when she made it known she wanted to leave. Who knows what will happen with her next but she will maek it interesting.

11. Fabio: If he wasnt such a dumbass, I would put Fabio higher in the rankings but I cant see him every making any kind of strategic move to save himself later on.

12. Alina: Alina is helped with the tribe switch but not as much as Kelly B. Dan and Yve likely will go before her but she still has to get to the merge to improve her stance in the game. Not sure what card she can play until she hooks up again with Kelly B. Could be tough for her to get to the merge the way it looks at this point.

13. Holly: Holly seems to be making friends with the young people on her tribe but I still cant see her making much of impact going forward. Still the tribal switch saved her and crazier things have happened.

14. Yve: Yve plummets hard in the rankings as she was the only other person to vote for NaOnka at the last TC. The mark is thus placed on her and her age is a double whammy that will be tough for her to beat.

15. Dan: He wants out and if he doesnt flat out quit, he will be voted out next. Good riddance as he shouldnt have even been in the game.

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