Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Survivor Topic: Why Has Their Never Been a Fist Fight Before?

Survivor Nicaragua quite possibly has two of the most combustible in-your-face contestants in the show's history and they are the just desposed Shannon Elkins and the already fighting for the top villainess of all time mantle NaOnka. Both have shown through only three episodes of the current season that they are in fact highly intense and confrontational players who dont give a hoot who they insult along the way. Tempers have flared all around them due to their behavior and this led me to ponder the question: why in all the seasons of Survivor has their never been an all-out fist fight between two contestants? With such an intense game filled with high edge emotion due to the extreme conditions, starvation, sleep deprivation etc., why is it that no two players ever got so frustrated with each other that they decided to settle their differences with fists? This is certainly an interesting point if you really think about it.

First off I know the first thing you are thinking as you are reading this is that "its written in contrat that all tribe members are strictly forbidden to fight and face dire consequences if they do." Well that all and good but since when do people in society listen to rules when it comes to fighting? There are laws in our nation in regards to fighting and how you can get brought up on various charges as a result but yet I would say that more than half of all men and more women than you think have gotten into a brawl at one time of their lives. And were not sitting on a foreign beach with no food or water in 100 degree heat with annoying people around us like Johnny Fairplay or Russel Hantz.

No doubt if the rules had allowed, there would be nothing short of at least one big fight in each season of Survivor. If you think back to past seasons, there are many instances where this would have occured. Here are a few off the top of my head:

Rob Mariano VS Lex Van Den Burg: You know damn well that the psycho looking Lex would have opened up a can on Rob for totally burying a knife in his back after he protected Amber during All Stars.

Russell Hantz VS Rupert Boneham: Rupert and Russell had a memorable back-and-forth during the latter stages of Heroes VS Villains and there is no doubt the big pirate would have loved to sock it to the Hobbit.

Johnny Fairplay VS Sean: These two went at each other on more than one occasion during Pearl Islands and you could just see Sean using every bit of strength he had to not knock him out. No doubt Fairplay felt emboldened with the protection of the producers behind him and he wouldnt have gone that far in public as Sean would have thrown him across the beach.

Shannon Elkins VS. Chase Rice: Shannon totally wanted a piece of Chase and this would have been a fun bout to watch. Tough call here as to who would have won. Either way you could see the anger on Shannon's face and who he wanted at Chase in the worst way.

Jeff Probst VS. Johnny Fairplay: There was no other contestant in history that annoyed Probst more than this guy and if the camera were off he would have loved to sock it to him if he could.

Those are just a few of the dozens I could write about. It really is amazing to me that is hasnt happened yet but give it time. There is no doubt that down the road this is a strong possibility and would be great to watch.

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