Friday, October 1, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Rankings: Who Has The Best Chance To Win

Another week gone by and another player gets the boot and this time it was former NFL head coach Jimmy Johnson who I think got a raw deal. He was put on a tribe full of control freaks and thus went home. So with 17 people left in the game lets look at the updated Survivor Nicaragua rankings regarding who has the best chance to win (number 1) all the way down to number 17 (get your bags packed).

1. Marty: For the second week in a row Marty gets the top spot as he masterminded the ouster of Jimmy J and asserted control of the tribe. Right now its his game to lose and others are starting to realize his power (Tyrone).

2. Benry: Benry took charge during the immunity challenge last week and led the tribe to victory. This shoots him up one spot right behind Marty as the defacto favorite from his tribe. He has made no enemies and has the athletic skills to get on a run in individual immunity challenges.

3. Jill: Marty's right hand woman, Jill technically shares possession of the hidden immunity idol so she stick at the top. I talekd about how she is a bit of a pushover when it comes to making decisions with Marty which she will have to fix in order to win.

4. Brenda: Brenda shoots up to number 4 as she is rock solid in her alliance with Sash, NaOnka, etc. and right from the beginning she was playing the game all out. She seems to have a mind for scheming and she has shown the ability to be selfish in her choices which is key.

5. Sash: Same deal with Sash as it seems he and Brenda kind of run the show at LeFlor. Another one who is quiet and enemyless now that Shannon is gone, he rises up the ranks as a result.

6. Jane: Everyone loves Jane and in the past well-liked older players have done very well in this game (Roger Australia, Paschael Marquesas) so she cant be discounted despite her slight frame.

7. Yve: Yve is another one is very quiet and staying under the radar. I think my comparison to Suzie from Tocantins was right on and she can be the live longshot that somehow gets to the end of the game without anyone noticing.

8. Kelly S: Kelly S is also in tight with the big LeFlor alliance and so she gets put here by default. She seems pretty useless right now but its still early.

9. NaOnka: I hate to put her here but the fact of the matter is that she is in a big alliance and she now has the hidden immunity idol clue. Those are two big plusses but in the end no one will give her the million bucks due to her rude behavior.

10. Kelly B: It seems the LeFlor alliance is targeting Alina for the next vote and not Kelly B. All she has to do is hang in there a bit and get to a merge where she would be smart to hook up with the Espada people. Thats a longshot however as she has an uphill road to climb.

11. Chase: I have been accused of underrating Chase but I just dont buy the fact that Brenda will keep him around long. He will definately be the first person they cut out of the alliance and so the odds are stacked against him here.

12. Jimmy T: Jimmy T is a blowhard but he seems to be trusted by Marty which is key. I still think he will talk his way out of the game soon. His act is tiring.

13. Tyrone: It seems Tyrone is on an island by himself and his stubborness is going to lead to his downfall. He needs to form some sort of an alliance before its too late but he is looking like a loner.

14. Fabio: Fabio is not taken seriously obviously but he is still floating along while he makes people laugh. Stranger things have happened.

15. Holly: I cant believe Holly wasnt voted out last week after what she did to Dan but whatever. She still has no shot.

16. Dan: Dan is already worn out and the tribe knows it. Even money he goes next in Espada.

17. Alina: Alina plummets down the rankings as word is out she goes next in the tribe. Nice looks but she needs to get the idol now.

So lets hear some discussion. Who is too high? Who is too low? Lets talk.

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