Friday, October 15, 2010


So the Louisiana connection is live and real between Survivor's favorite villain Russell Hantz and favorite bigot Shannon Elkins. Apparently Russell stumped hard for Elkins during casting for S21 where the latter was booted 2nd and made an ass of himself on the way out. The story supposedly goes like this:

Russell has some sort of relationship or knew of Elkins in some way and told CBS honchos that the would be a great addition. Whats interesting here is the known fact that Elkins was late with his audition tape and again needed Russell to bail him out. Another supposed reason for Elkins being cast is with the idea of reuniting the two in a future All Star season which is slated to take place in S24. No comment by either one on this.

Analysis: So now Russell is conducting talent searches for the show? Unbelievable This guy is too much but CBS loves him. Its actually quite sickening. The connection between Russell and Elkins makes sense as they both are politically incorrect losers but a reunion of the two on a future series of the show would be too much to stomach. Now all they need to do is put Richard Hatch on the team and now you have something.

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