Thursday, December 2, 2010


Only seven are left in the game and its getting down to only a few who realistically have a shot to win. Lets see how I see it with only a few episodes left.

1. Holly: Holly vaults all the way to the top spot on the heels of her incredibly selfless act of taking the tarp and rice for the rest of the tribe and sacrificing her trip to the Survivor theatre as a result. Decisions like this have always been "winning" moves in my book and she no doubt has the respect of the tribe, espeically the young ones who see her as a mother-like figure. Unreal comeback from her.

2. Jane: I dont think Jane will be allowed to get to the end of the game but if she somehow does, she wins easily. Ultimately I dont think the others allow that to happen and it would be the right move on their part. Still Jane has been a joy to watch from the very beginning and she without a doubt is one of the strongest older players in Survivor history.

3. Fabio: Udually the playing under the radar strategy is undertaken by the women but Fabio is working it to perfection so far this season. No one is talking about him and again no one takes him seriously but ultimately he could get the last laugh as a result. I think he is holding back in the smarts department and is usuing this method to advance which no one can argue that its not working. The line of likely winners is drawn after his name and the rest are longshots at best.

4. Chase: Chase has the hidden immunity idol which puts him over Benry for the sole reason that it gives him a leg up on getting to the final stages of the game. He has been so wishy washy throughout which ultimately I believe will result in him not winning. You can be likable and win the game but he hasnt done anything to stand out like Holly has or Jane.

5. Benry: He keeps humming along without making enemies but he too doesnt seem to have any bonds with anyone other than Fabio. There is just not a framework to endorse her and so he continues to fall in the rankings after I had him high up most of the season.

6. Sash: I dont care about the fact he has a hidden idol. Sash is all over the place and he already has burned his bridge with Brenda. He has a clear mind for the game but I will be shocked if he wins.

7. Dan: Good old Dan is resting comfortably in the last spot as usual but he keeps on going. It really is silly that he is still in the game as he shouldnt be out there in the first place but at least he is not annoying to listen to like NaOnka and Kelly were. Oh and he also didnt quit.

There you have it. Let the final seven get to it.

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