Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 11 Wrapup

Episode happenings and than the ridiculously potent opinion.

Things get going back at camp after TC as Brenda talks about what occured. She notes how lines were now drawn in the sand and that the Fabio, Benry, and Dan are on the outs. Holly approaches Jane however about breakin up the Brenda/Sash alliance and how they need to make a move now.

The very next day, the tribe decides to move the fire close to the shelter due to an approaching rain storm. Thus they move the wooden chests that has most of their belongings and their other items closer to the fire. During this time Holly and Jane are talking about the game and the former pairs off with Benry and tell him what really happpened during the TC the night before. Benry tells Holly that Sash backstabbed him and Holly continues with her attack on Brenda. The plan seesm to be hatched as Jane goes and tells NaOnka what is going on. NaOnka seems ok with the plan despite her friendship with her. Chase however seems unsure about the plan as Benry seems to be the one he wants to boot.

With all that is going on with camp talk, the tribe soon heads off to the reward challenge where the tribe will be divided into two teams of 5. Using four barrels, two planks, and 10 feet of rope, the tribe has to make it across the beach without anyone touching the ground. First to make it across the beach wins reward which is a trip to a volcano and than a pizza and brownie lunch. As always making a long challenge short, the tribe of Chase, Kelly, NaOnka, Fabio, and Jane win easily.

The winning five visit the volcano and do some surfing down the slopes. Back at camp during this time, the fire catches onto the tribes belongings and a huge inferno wipes out all their chests. The losing five soon discover this and the shock and sadness is palpable. The worst aspect is that the food is got all burned. Meanwhile the winning five sit and eat their feast and strategy soon gets discussed. NaOnka than pulls Fabio aside and she tells him that Brenda needs to be taken care of. Fabio is all for it as NaOnka continues her wish to kick her to the curb.

Back at camp, Chase decides to talk to Brenda about how the others are trying to get her out and that Holly is the one who is going after her. Brenda is shocked at this as Chase tells her he has her back. She soon goes for a walk as Chase tries to convince NaOnka to get rid of Benry. NaOnka seems perturbed by this and she than goes to tell Benry how they are going for him. The rest of the tribe seems shocked that he continues to follow Brenda around. NaOnka is on a mission as she tells Holly how Chase spilt the beans.

It is than time for the immunity challenge as each member must stand on a platform while holding onto a rope. Every five minutes their hands will move further down the rope which makes it tougher to hold. If you fall off the platform than you are out as the last person standing wins immunity. The challenge soon commences and the stretching for comfort begins. Sash goes first and Kelly goes next. Holly soon falls out of the contest and is followed by Brenda. Dan soon drops off and than Fabio. That leaves NaOnka, Benry, Chase, and Jane. NaOnka goes first from the last four and than Benry. That leaves Jane and Chase. After almost giving up and hearing Chase talk gamesmanship, Jane stays in the contest and is rewarded when Chase hits the water. Immunity for Jane.

Back at camp, Jane gets congratulated and she feels Brenda is on way out of the game. Sash and Chase soon begin talking and they decide Benry. NaOnka nad Sash are than seen talking as she tells him of the plan to dump Brenda. Meanwhile Chase talks to Fabio and Holly and the latter two are still planning on kicking Brenda out. He realizes that is almost futile to save Brenda and he tells her as much. Brenda appeals to Sash about using the idol and he is not sure what to do as they head off to TC with all of this swirling around the group.

The tribe arrives at TC as Sash talks about how there is a lot of reshuffling going on and Chase confirms this. Brenda admits she regrets voting out Marty and she tells Probst she can trust others. She notes a break in the alliance as NaOnka being the one who wants to abandon ship. NaOnka totally denies this which surprises Chase. Kelly actually speaks for oance and she talks about how she has no idea what is going on. Brenda goes again as she discusses how again NaOnka is backstabbing her. She concludes how she has no interest in scrambling as Alina says how irritating she is. Sash completes things by saying how the game is changed now and that he has to make changes as a result. We see the votes cast and Brenda goes home by a count of 8 votes for Brenda and 1 each for Benry and NaOnka.

All right thats now out of the way so lets get to the good stuff and by that I mean the opinions you all pine for.

-Good move tonight by the tribe dumping Brenda's ass. She was way too cocky and overconfident and needed to get the hell out of there. I honestly dont know what all the hoopla over her is about and Chase needs to examine what he sees in a woman. Her ouster definately signifies the game is now wide open and there are absolutely no firm alliances anymore.
-Thougth it was great how Sash turned on Brenda and failed to give her the idol. He was right on both counts. For one the entire tribe had turned on her big time and if he gave her the idol, Sash would have committed Survivor suicide and thus basically place a "Now Vote Me Out Next" sign on his back. On the other count, is Sash didnt vote for Brenda, he again would have signified to the others that he was not with them and he would have gone next. After being stupid with the whole lets save Marty for no good reason bit, Sash is playing much better lately.
-Chase is so pathetic its crazy. He is the guy who see who is married to some raging bitch who spends all of his money while he carries all her shopping bags and says "Yes dear." His game play sucks too as he doesnt see how he is being played by Brenda and tries to destroy a perfectly sensible plan to oust her. He has no respect from anyone left in the game and thus he has no chance to win.
-I just got to say that Jane is AWESOME in every sense of the word. It was so great seeing her beat the overconfident Chase in the immunity challenge when he tried to get into her head. She is the total package in this game but unfortunately I think its going to be really hard for her to win due to the fact the rest of the tribe knows she is a lock to win if she gets to the finals. I am sure her win in the challenge put a smile on the face of every woman who watched. The wives were turning to their husbands in unison and saying "you see? girl power!"
-How is it that not one person the tribe spoke up and said "you know guys maybe its not such a good idea to put WOOD chests right around the fire." I actually laughed when it started to burn thinking how stupid these people were. And it was fitting how Fabio was shown discussing doing this during the segment.
-NaOnka must get a commission of some sort every time she mentions she is from South Central LA. Seriously though she makes it sound like South Central LA is Beirut. Next she is going to reveal all of her battle scars.
-Probst was hysterical how he mocked the losing five during the reward challenge. He seemed to especially take pleasure in needling Benry which was surprising. Benry has been pretty low key.
-Holly is really stepping up her game which I talked about a few times the last few weeks. Great rebound for sure and she is a wild card to take it all.
-Purple Kelly got a chance to finally talk during TC and now I see why Probst never asks her any questions. She looked like she was reading a script from Mean Girls when she answered Probst's question.
-I have said from the beginning that I think Benry has had a solid shot to win the game all along but I really dont know what to think right now. He was discussed at length today as someone to vote out and so the word is out. He doesnt have any close friends other than Fabio so I am starting to think he wont win.
-You can tell how absolutely no one respects Purple Kelly when she votes for Benry and no one else does. Her own supposed alliance doesnt even fill her in on whats up, especially Brenda who voted NaOnka.
-Dan is a guy I am rooting for as he represents Long Island and he showed off the guns during the immunity challenge. He probably could give Benry a game in an arm wrestling contest.

So there you have it. Lets hear what you think. Post away.

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