Monday, December 6, 2010


So after both Survivor Samoa and Survivor Heroes VS Villains got completely spoiled, it appears as though Mark Burnett and company have worked overtime in order to ensure that the upcoming Survivor 22 Boston Rob VS Russell Hantz edition stay under wraps. In fact things have gotten downright silly in this regard as some of those responsible for spoiling S19 and S20 were fed some false info for S22 such as the inclusion of mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice along with former Miss California Carrie Prjean. Both reports were proven false and those spoilers were made to look like a fool. Since that time however all has been very quiet on S22 other than the one mysterious batch of supposed spoilers that was posted about a momth ago and that subsequently was removed the very next day, never to be seen again. If you scroll down far enough you will see the spoiler I am talking about as I copied it word for word onto here and the highlight was the possible inclusion of poker pro Johnny Chan along with the supposed fact that Russell gets voted out early only to come back into the game and make it to the end due to the new Redemption Island twist. As far as Rob was concerned, he was said to have made the final six, this peforming better than Russell at first but not making it "farther" due to the Redemption twist.

So there you have it. As always I will post anything I hear so keep checking back.
The Redemption idea is beyond stupid if you ask me as I NEVER endorse putting ousted players back into the game but when you have Rob and Russell in the game, everything has to be secured for them to make it far enough.

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