Thursday, December 30, 2010


I dont know about all of you but I am counting down the days until Survivor 22 Redemption Island. Now dont get me wrong: I still hate the Redemption Island idea and have been vocal about it from the beginning. Sure its something new and intriguing but I hate the idea of anyone voted out having the chance to come back into the game. With that being said, there is no doubt in my mind that the leadup to this season has been like no other as we have had numerous false reports about the cast (Kimbo Slice and Carrie Prejean to name a few) plus the ongoing Russell and Rob are they in it or not debate. From what I have heard from day 1, both took part in the season but after all the false leads that the show's hierarchy was putting out there to throw off the spoilers from the last few seasons, I dont know what to believe anymore.

I will say this though: Burnett, Probst, and the rest of the Survivor crew have gone to war with the spoilers as some of the biggest ones from the last few seasons have mysteriously all gone quiet at the same time. Coincidence? I think not. The bigges bit of proof I have of this is the very detailed spoiler that was produced over at another web site that was all of a sudden taken down the very next day and has not been mentioned since. Of course I got all that info and basically it was all about how Rob and Russell did along with a celebrity poker player who will be on this season. Be that as it may, I wont discuss the Rob and Russell thing until I see for sure they are on.

As far as those two are concerned, I totally hope they are indeed on and that both get the chance to interact on the same tribe. The talk all along is that they start on different tribes and that the Redemption Island aspect was put in as a means of keeping them around in the even one or both get kicked off early. The biggest bust would be if one goes early as they are saying in the spoiler and the other one doesnt meet up with him during the game. Certainly not the way Probst drew it up. Either way I cant wait to see what happens with this.


  1. Either way it looks like a lot of fun and great TV.

    I guess with the new economics of filming two seasons in 1 locations they will have to add a hook to 2nd season. And we've been noticing they have a tighter budget since they no longer do the elaborate helicopter/plane shots as Probst 'travels' with the vote bucket, from the last tribal council to the reunion show.

    I'm curious wether Season 24 will end up as show sort of crazy All Star Season, as they will likely be in the same location for Season 23 and 24. What I was thinking because of the number of contestants they can pull from, they should go for an epic 24 player season. Starting with 4 teams of 6.

    But if another All Star season comes up I'd likely to see some players who are coming back for their first time, even some from the older seasons.

    Anyway, a great blog you have, thanks for posting the Ponderosa videos.

  2. You got it my friend. I want to see more of Rob Cesternino and maybe even bring back Todd Herzog who was one of the better players no one talks about. Enoughw with the Amanda's and Colby's.

  3. Yeah Rob Cesternino would be great, I finally watched his season this year, and frankly he provided the best but clean contestant commentaries, as shown in the compilation video:

    Also do you listen to Rob's podcasts on his website? They are a treasure trove of interviews of past survivors that we have seen in a while, and very fun too. I recommend you listen to his podcast with Tyson, I could not stop laughing.