Monday, December 20, 2010


The Survivor Nicaragua reunion show took place last night after the finale lile usual and to me this is always the highlight of the evening. Seeing everyone back in regular clothing and explaining everything that went on during the game is always great television. I wont reshash everything but this is what stood out to me.

-First off Fabio I guess really is a kook. He made no sense on anything he was talking about in the beginning of the show so to those who argue he was putting on an act during his time out there have got irrefutable evidence to the contrary. When he said he was from a family of artists, that made some sense to me. We all know artists tend to see things in abstract form and are a little out there. Now dont light up my inbox with angry comments. Not all artists of course but more than a few lets say.

-I loved Chase's song and guitar performance. Good stuff there. Yes he was wishy washy throughout the game but he still got to the end and nearly won it. He did something right.

-The lowlight of the evening obviously was the bigot Shannon acting like a fool once again when Probst asked him to address the gay remark to Sash early in the game. Shannon immediately went into the asshole mode that he personifies by saying "for what?" and than saying the "if it looks like a duck and it sounds like a duck" bit. Probst quickly cut this off and made a crack at Shannon's expense and the latter went on to say he met Sash's g-friend backstage. Sash seemed to want to respond but again Probst cut it off and moved on. Disgust all around for sure. This guy is a classless piece of crap who got what he deserved by getting booted early on. The fact he has a wife and two kids is an even bigger disgrace. What a nice example you set asshole. Good riddance.

-Interviewing Rob about the birth of his second daughter was nice. Always good to see one of the most polarizing figures in Survivor history. No word about whether he and Russell are officially on S22. Hantz was in the audience also along with Coach, Cirie, and Rupert.

-The Redemption Island concept was introduced last night and Probst seemed like he was going to wet his pants over this. I hate the concept and have been on record for years about how its terrible to allow anyone voted out to have a chance to get back into the game. Should never happen but this is Survivor doing something new to stay relevant. I admire the effort but not the concept.

-Jimmy Johnson got a raw deal on the show. Stupid Marty kicked him off way too early. No doubt Probst and Burnett were annoyed he was voted out so quick.

There you go. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. As always there will be up to minute news reports about the upcoming S22 along with other features so stay tuned.

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