Thursday, December 9, 2010


Only six people left in the game and its becoming clear who can and cant win. Lets get to it and as always I welcome your thoughts.

1. Jane: I keep saying to myself that Jane has no chance to win due to the fact the others won let her get to the end of the game. Still she is hanging around and is a major challenge threat. Time is starting to run out to get her out of the game and she no doubt has the best chance to win over anyone in the finals.

2. Holly: I have been a big Holly fan after she rebounded from her early struggles and she no doubt can take it home as long as she removes Jane soon. Holly has massive respect from the others and she has made good strategic moves along the way to earn it.

3. Fabio: Fabio continues with his Natalie White strategy and its working. He had his first scare in the game and he figures to be in trouble along with Jane this week as well. Still its not a stretch to say he hasnt burned anyone and thus can be rewarded as a result.

4. Chase: Chase has one of the two idols but he still doesnt have the game or the respect needed to earn votes from the others to take home the million. The guy had a ton of potential coming in and made a great move in eliminating Shannon who would have caused chaos but he keeps making poor decisions the rest of the way. Pass.

5. Sash: Sash continues to plummet down the rankings as he continues to play both sides which is a big Survivor no-no. He definately as a mind for the game but his screwing of Brends is something that will be tough to overcome with the jury.

6. Dan: Good old Dan is still here. Crazy. I like the guy. I really do but he doesnt deserve to win anything as he has been awful in challenges and hasnt made any moves to hang his hat on.

There you go. Lets hear what you think.

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