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Our last episode of the season is always bittersweet but lets get going. Wrapup is first and than the opinions du jour.

Things start off back at camp the day after TC as the final five bask in the fact they made it this far. Fabio meanwhile feels very vulnerable and he decides to try and break them the three person alliance of Holly, Chase, and Fabio. He confronts Holly about it and tries to see who she wants to go to the end with. Holly is listening to what he has to say but the convo goes nowehere at that point. He than talks to Sash who tells him Dan and Holly are the threats. Sash knows the threat of Fabio winning it all and so he tells him what he wants to hear. Ultimately Sash is going to make promises to everyone so he can get to the final three. Fabio however is the name that keeps getting thrown around and its obvious he will go if he loses the challenge.

The rain starts to fall as they enter the challenge which centers on each member running out to a station with a Q about Nicaragua. They enter an answer and grab a subsequent bag of puzzle pieces. If you are right you get the correct bag of puzzle pieces and wrong you go back and try again. First person to answer all Q's right and solve the puzzle win immunity. As always making a long challenge short, Fabio wins immunity against the odds and goes to the Final Four. The crazy part is that he was second to last to get to the puzzle but he caught the leaders from behind to take it. Idiot Chase dropped a piece during the challenge also.

Back at camp, Fabio basks in the win and decides to talk to Chase and Sash about booting Holly. Chase wants to hear none of it though as he is set on Dan. Fabio tells this to Dan and their last hope is to talk to Sash. Dan decides to take matters into his own hands and confronts Sash and talks about how she is from a small town and a bigger threat to win. Fabio than goes to talk to Sash directly and they ponder the Holly idea. Holly than walks over and seems surprised when she is told they were talking Dan. She is skeptical about this as they go to TC. They talk about the challenge and the voting and Fabio discusses the ins and outs of where the game is. Dan chimes in about how he doesnt think he will be rewarded with the million since he lives a comfortable life. That was his strategy all the way and Sash endorsed it. Holly and Dan get into it about how she is a threat and she is offended. The votes are soon cast and Dan goes home by a tally of 4-1 with Chase getting the other vote in a surprise.

Back at camp that night, the tribe discuss the TC as they discuss how cool it was that they arrived at the final four. Fabio talks to the Chase and Sash about whether whoever wins will take the other two to the end of the game. Soon its the next day as Holly, Chase, and Sash all confirm Fabio has to be the one to go home since he will win if he gets there. Holly and Chase also disuss the possibility of booting Sash if Fabio wins immunity. They get tree mail which contains a sword and they are given a map to pass all of the torches of their fallen comrades. Once they reach the end of the line they will get to their final challenge.

The final immunity challenge centers on each tribe member will have a sword which they will use to balance coins on the knob of it. When the pile of coins falls, you are out of the challenge. Last player standing wins immunity and goes to the final three with a shot to win the dough. Soon we get Holly dropping her coins followed by Chase. Thats leaves Fabio and Sash and after a tough duel, Fabio pulls it out again.

With Fabio winning immunity the heat is on between Chase, Sash, and Holly as they talk about voting each other out. Holly starts it off by taking Chase on a walk for water which leaves Sash to talk to Fabio about her. Sash tells Fabio he will vote the same as he. Fabio asked him directly if he would have taken him to the finals and Sash lies and says he would have. Fabio clearly looks like he doesnt believe this and he goes to Chase. He tells Chase about his convo with Sash which causes turmoil. Chase is ticked and he admits to Fabio the truth. Holly also fesses up and her and Chase talk up getting rid of Sash. Fabio admits he respects Holly but is unsure about the vote.

Soon its TC time again and and Fabio starts the talk about how the others came to him trying to get the other person booted. He calls Sash out for lying to him about taking him to the final. Fabio even asks him directly in front of the jury and says again he would have. No one buys it and the jury seems like the see through this. Sash gets another chance to plead his case followed by Chase and Holly. The votes are cast and Holly is sent home by a tally of 3-1.

The three guys return to camp and Sash and Chase congratulate Fabio. Sash seems perturbed about being called out in front of the jury and he seems unsure now about his chances to win. He goes on to say to Chase and Fabio about how they are his wingmen which Fabio finds hysterical and absurd.

The next day the reality of the last day sets in as the three retrieve the tree mail which contains a feast to celebrate their finish in the game. Soon the rains arrive again as they talk about how it will go tonight and Chase discusses how he thinks Fabio won the money. This is a ploy to get him to start being overconfident and they start getting ready for TC as there is no scheming to be done anymore. They torch the camps as is custom and they go to meet their destiny at TC.

The final TC starts with all three guys making their speech to the jury. They each said their piece and it now was the jury's turn to speak. The highlight was Fabio giving a tearful speech about his mom visiting camp and how it steeled him to get through the rest of the game. The votes soon are cast as Fabio wins the million dollars by a closer than expected count of 5-4. He is the youngest champion in Survivor history. Great ending to a great season.

-Wow where to begin. Let me say this: Chase did an awesome job in front of the jury. The knee jerk reaction was that Fabio would sweep the jury after he ran off three immunity wins in a row but Chase did great with his answers at the final TC. Props to him. In fact I almost thought for a second he took it home but it wasnt meant to be. As far as Fabio winning it all, he was deserving. He did play the under the radar game which is not a very popular method among viewers but he did come up big in the challenges which separates him from the Natalie White realm. All in all he was fun and interesting and good kuck to him. Lets hope he doesnt spend it all on surfboards and beach balls.
-Speaking of spending it on surfboards and beach balls, I do worry about Fabio blowing the money and I think Chase would have done great things with hit in regards to his charity so I guess a part of me was hoping Chase would win. Tough call here but I am all right with how it played out.
-The sausage fest final 3 was something I hope we never see again. We need at least one woman in there.
-Sash got the Russell Hantz treatment from the jury which is not a shock. He played a harsh game and burned way too many people. He tried hard but his plans were all over the place.
-One thing Fabio did that was right on was getting rid of Holly and taking Sash and Chase to the end. It was the right move as I think Holly could have made it very interesting. That was a million dollar decision for sure.
-The jury was pretty easygoing except for Dan who went balistic. The Italian mafia don came out just in time as I wanted to see this all season. Yeah he played the game like he was 100 but he was entertaining. Go Italians.
-I really have had enough with the stupid journey to visit all of the torches from booted players. It is the biggest waste of 15 minutes there is. Show us anything else but this please.
-In both of the immunity challenges, it looked like Fabio was dead out of the water but he pulled it out on both occasions. Good stuff for sure and the final immunity challenge on Survivor is always a nail biter. I like the endurance ones the best but the coin balancing was solid.

Thats all for now. My hands ache from typing so I will do a lot more on this tomorrow and review the reunion show. Thanks for all your support and loyalties as always.

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