Wednesday, December 22, 2010


There has been a lot of talk about the new twist in Survivor history which will start this February when the new season begins. What I am referring to of course is the Redemption Island concept which will make its debut this season and bring with it a great deal of anticipation. For one Probst was downright giddy when he introduced the concept during the S21 reunion show and there is no doubt this idea could be a turning point in the show's existence.

Now I have been on record many times over going all the way back to Survivor Pearl Islands about how the idea of having already voted out players having the opportunity to get back into the game is ludicrous. The appeal of Survivor was based on being able to avoid getting voted out being the last man or woman standing. During Pearl Islands, when Burton and Lillian got back into the game, it was a downright joke and the other players were none too happy about this. This time around apparently the entire group will be made aware of this change right at the top so as no one gets surprised but there no doubt will still be many in the game who question such a move. Change like this is monumental and no doubt could be either the beginning of the end of Survivor as we know it or the new twist will reinvigorate the show.

All in all I will give the Redemption Island concept a chance this season and see how it goes. Again making small changes along the way such as swtiching tribes and having hidden immunity idols (another idea I dont like) is not going to undermine the sanctity of Survivor. However something this huge almost always results in death or rebirth for a show. We will see real soon what category Survivor drops into.

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