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Lets get the wrapup out of the way and than the good stuff....the opinons. Here we go.

Things start off back at camp as the tribe discusses what went down at TC. Holly shows her disgust about the two quitters and the sense of shock is large. They joke about it by naming the chicken Kelly-Nay as they deem the two quitters as chickens. Sash realizes that his position in the game is in jeopardy now due to Kelly and NaOnka exiting the game.

The next day Sash tells the guys he will be playing the idol next time out so he shows everyone he is a free agent and that he can be used to get further along in the game as the others listen. Chase decides to tell Sash he thinks they should stick to the women and Sash chimes in about how Jane would win over anyone. The two form a loose pact to take each other to the end of the game. They also discuss the reward challenge and how they agree Holly should be the one chosen to go along if that situation develops.

The reward challenge beckons as Probst explains the game. The challenge is a compilation of challenges from the past. First person to advanced to the end and win get the reward which is a trip to a private resort for a meal, shower, and a stay overnight. Chase and Benry advance to the finals where Chase wins easily. Of course he gets to take 2 people with him so he proceeds to take Holly like he said along with Jane. He snubs a shocked Sash who notes in a confessional about how annoyed he is at that.

After the challenge the four guys head back to camp and start talking. Sash believes again that Chase made a stupid move taking the two women and he decides to start talking to the three other guys where they are at in the game. Dan calls Sash out in front of the others in how he is playing both sides and Sash seems nervous.

Meanwhile at the reward Chase and the two women eat watermelon and bask in the hotel huts they get to stay in. They marvel at how they look in the mirror and soon start showering. Holly thinks about how Chase screwed up in picking Jane for the reward which they talk about as they believe Sash will start talking about them while they are away. He regrets not taking Sash and now knows he could be in trouble.

Back at camp Fabio talks with Benry and Dan about the key that Sash is. Benry believes the right game plan for Sash is to go with them as it would be a bad idea to go with Jane who will win over everyone. Soon Jane gets back to camp and starts crying as she realizes the chicken is gone and how the guys didnt have to eat her. She is genuinely upset about this and she makes a little memorial for her. Talk begins again about Sash as Holly has no trust in him and Chase says they have to make him feel like they trust him. The guys get back to greet the reward winners and Benry feels vulnerable as he talks to Chase about whether his name was bandied about during the reward. Chase doesnt trust Benry as he starts damage control by talking to Sash and apologizing about not taking him. Sash admits to Chase the others were talking about him and it seems like they are cool with each other. They agree Jane is the big threat and reiterate how they will guarantee taking each other to the finals. Holly drops in at the end of the conversation and Chase talks about booting Benry from the game. Benry sees the talk and feels that he Fabio, and Dan are in trouble. He also joins in on the convo and Chase claims they were discussing Fabio. Benry is all for it and argues that he wants to stay involved.

The immunity challenge sooon arrives as Probst discusses its involvement. Each member will have to maneuver around a hitching rail and grab a bag of gold coins. Top three go to the final round where a gold coin puzzle has to be solved. Winner gets immunity. Soon the challenge starts and the final three are Fabio, Benry, and Sash. During the final round, Sash takes home immunity.

Back at camp, Sash basks in his win. Fabio wants to know from Sash if his name comes up and he feels in major in trouble. Sash and Chase bring Dan in and the too discuss Fabio. They seem to agree that is the way to go and Dan wants Jane to tell Fabio he is going home. Benry thinks its not a good idea and thinks its better to tell him Holly is leaving. He thus tells Fabio this and he suckers him in here. Finally Sash has a moment with Jane and tells her he has her back.

Tribal Council arrives as the reward gets talked about first. Chase talks about the difficulties in selecting others to go on the reward and also how he feels vulnerable as a physical threat. Benry also chimes in on this and admits he is concerned. Jane goes a step further and talks about Fabio being a physical threat also. Benry talks again about how he feels he wont be going home. Sash next talks about how its nice having immunity as the others approached him more around camp. The votes soon get cast as Benry goes home by a count of 4-2-1 as Fabio gets 2 votes and Holly 1.

All right now for the good part....opinion galore.

-First off, the voting off of Benry really doesnt move the Survivor Nicaragua shock meter. Really there was not much pop involved here as Benry was nothing but a figurehead in this game. He did as well as he could and thats pretty much it. Sash screwed him somewhat and so did his "bro" Chase but he in turn screwed Fabio so live by the sword, die by the sword.
-Fabio is playing the Natalie White game to a T. Very rarely do you see the guy playing that type of game but its working for him. He hasnt made any enemies and continues to be underestimated. I loved how he was cheating during the immunity challenge. I am sure Fabio did his share of cheating in school in order to get by. We all knew he wouldnt win the immunity challenge as a result of the puzzle aspect but he was entertaining in defeat.
-By the way the terrible Survivor Nicaragua editing was at it again as it was extrememly obvious that we were being set up to see Chase or Sash win the reward challenge and than screw the other guy when it came time to bringing someone else. That happened of course like expected.
-I still hold firm to my belief that Holly has played a very underated game and that she could easily win here. She has played the mommy role perfectly and has earned respect from the others. Now all she has to do is send Dan a check after the game is over for the value of his shoes.
-Speaking of Dan, he started to go all mafia on Sash when he called him out for playing both sides. He looked downright John Gottish there for a second.
-Thank goodness for the blurry screen over Jane's sensitive areas during the immunity challenge. I think I would have had to gough my eyes out there for a second.
-Sash is so slimy and he is screwing himself out of a million bucks. He has a good setup going there with Brenda but he didnt fight for her and now is playing both sides which is a sure fire way to lose in this game. His chances are pretty much going kaput in front of our eyes. Also as far as Sash is concerned, I really cringed when I saw him talk to Jane and tell her he has her back. Since the Survivor editing it so obvious at times, its just a matter of time before he screws her and plays with her emotions. That will be tough to watch as Jane doesnt deserve that.
-Jane crying over the chickens was much bigger than it appeared on the surface I think. The woman just lost her husband recently and so I am sure she feels extra sensitivity to the issue of losing someone or something she cares about which in this case was the chicken.
-Naming the chickes Kel-Nay was funny but the tribe forgot to mention it during the tribal council. Probst would have had a good laugh at this as you can see her has no use for either of those two quitters.
-I always find it so funny how the jury reacts to the votes. The jury never seems happy with the result and I always ask myself: "just who in the hell do they want voted out?"
-Alina looked great didnt she? Get her back for All Stars please Mr. Burnett and make clothing optional. Females only please.
-Chase's head is so filled with air thats its ridiculous. He is a nice guy and has the physical skills to excel here but his thinking moves are horrendous. He screwed up royally by not picking Sash and he is lucky he managed to make it another few days.

Thats it for now folks. Check back for more tomorrow as I will post the Ponderosa videos along with other stuff.

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