Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yes Marty apparently is still pretty sore at Jane for various reasons from their experiences together in Nicaragua.

The 48-year-old executive from California was voted off the show after failing to get other members of the tribe to vote Jane Bright off.

At tribal council Bright lashed out at Piombo, saying he was "a disgrace to any man who calls himself a father."

"Dragging my family into national TV, I resent that,' Piombo told stuff.co.nz.

"You're never going to be friends with everyone. There's always going to be a rift somewhere."

Piombo says he was 'turned off' by Bright early on in the game.

"Within minutes of the game starting she said my husband just died; I really need the money. Please don't vote me off.

"If she made it up that was tacky and in bad taste and if it was true it turned me off because I didn't appreciate using personal tragedy and the sympathy card for playing this game."

Piombo says his strategy was simple.

"I was honest and straight up I never went back on my word."

"My brand of playing contributed to my being voted off earlier than I wanted to be."

And he says he would play the same way if he had to do it over

"There's not that much I would change I would modify some of it but I think at the end of the day I was good entertainment and for the most part I contributed a lot to the show and to the season.."

Piombo bears no grudge towards Brenda Lowe or Matthew "Sash" Lenahan who were instrumental in getting him voted off, describing the pair as 'calculating ruthless and mart'.

"I admire the fact that they were part of my getting voted off."

Piombo also says many people are underestimating Jud "Fabio" Birza

"Fabio has a great strategy going on, regardless of who he votes for he always finds a way back into the crew.

"There's a hell of a lot more going on upstairs than he lets on."

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