Thursday, November 18, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Rankings: Who Currently Has The Best Chance To Win?

Only 9 more castaways remaind in the game so lets break it down in the latest installment of Survivor Nicaragua rankings:

1. Jane: Jane gets the top spot for the first time due to her awesome showing in the immunity challenge and the fact no one seems to be paying her much mind which is crazy. She is the slam dunk winner against anyone left in the game and she has proven to be one who is not going to be intimidated.

2. Holly: I think Holly is a huge wold card to possibly win and she shoots all the way up to the top due to her big move to get Brends out which she got going. Kudos to her for changing her game on the fly and the others are listening to and respecting her.

3. Sash: Sash took a big hit now that Brends is gone but he still has the hidden immunity idol which counts for something. He is very intelligent and has the ability to scramble so dont count him out yet.

4. Fabio: Good old Fabio is hanging around the periemeter waiting for everyone else to take each other out and its working for him. Things didnt look so great for a short while when he and Benry were left out of the loop in the Marty vote but he is back on solid ground.

5. Benry: Benry is dropping down the rankings as he seems to be next on the hit list. He hasnt really done anything wrong but he is the strongest guy left who the rest of the group respects unlike Chase so he is in trouble.

6. Dan: Starnger things have happened. Dan moves out of the bottom of the rankings for the first time in awhile as he continues to slip on by. If he can get to the end with the despised NaOnka and the growing more despised Sash, he can certainly pull it out as the others will respect the fact he hung tough with his body breaking down as the game continued.

7. Kelly: She is so annoying. Just get rid of her already. Again no one respects her and I cant see anyone rewarding the biggest coattail ride of the season. At least Natalie White killed a rat in Samoa.

8. Chase: He drops all the way to the bottom as he made a fool out of himself all episode last time out. It really was pathetic how he spilled the beans on the Brenda vote and how he followed her around like a puppy dog.

9. NaOnka: Possibly the most despised player since Russell. Good riddance when it arrives.

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