Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Things start off back at camp after TC as Sash tried to explain to Fabio about how Benry targeted him and that he couldnt tell him before the vote took place. Sash does say in a confessional that Fabio is next though if he doesnt win immunity.

The next day, the tribe finds a cell phone in tree mail as they realize that the family challenge is on its way. They each get a sample video from home as the tears flow rapidly. Soon they all go over to the reward challenge as the anticipation of seeing their loved ones grow. Soon a loved one from each comes out with another batch of tears flowing and its revealed they are going to take part in the challenge together. The winner of the challenge will sail down the coast of Nicaragua with a nice meal with their loved ones. As far as the challenge goes, the tribe members have to dive into a pool and retrieve letters. Once they have all the letters, the loved ones must ise the letters to solve a puzzle. In the end Chase and his mom win the reward. Of course its never fun to go by themself so Chase gets to choose someone to come with them. Chase chooses Sash and his mom. Chase than gets told to bring one more and he picks Holly and her husband. Dan shows how ticked he is by calling him a scumbag. Fabio is also very upset and talks about how his mom and he live in different states. Chase apologizes but no one budges. They soon head off to the reward while the others to back to camp.

Back at camp, Dan and Fabio talk about how Chase is done with them and how he keeps sucking up to Holly. Both are really angry and let down by his choices. They also note how Jane got screwed by Chase by not picking her as her daughter is on her way to college and she missed a great opportunity to spend time with her. Meanwhile the three families head to the feast amid great fanfare. At the feast Chase, Sash, and Holly vow to go to the final three together. During the eating, Chase finds a note about the hidden idols which is useless since they are already held by the two guys on the trip. Soon the tears start again as the loved ones have to go.

Back at camp the three reward winners return and the talk begins. Faboio and Chase start talking and it get a big heated. Fabio talks about how he is hurt and envious about how he keeps getting all the great rewards and doesnt share with him. Ultimately Fabio talks about letting it go so he can concentrate on the immunity challenge. The challenge soon beckons the next day and the tribe will be attached to a rope blindfolded and approach a shield which they have to memorize by feel. They than have to reconstruct the shield based on that feel and the first to do this will win immunity. It soon comes down to Chase and Fabio and in the end Fabio wins it.

Back at camp the talk begins as Dan tells how he is tired. Chase notes this to Fabio who suggests getting rid of Jane due to her threat level. Chase than goes to Sash and says they should kick off Dan. Sash is not comfortable with this and Holly comes over to work out the debate. It seems after the talk that Jane should be the vote. Jane walks over in order to confirm they are still four strong. She quickly gets the idea that the three are going to vote her out and she is very upset. They tell her the reason and she flips them the bird. Once they get back to camp she tells Sash not to look at her. Its getting ugly as she takes matters into her own hands by putting out the fire. Soon its now time for TC as the emotions run high. The highlight of the session was Chase, Holly, and Sash admitting its Dan or Fabio next. Probst is shocked by this admittance and Jane openly says her, Dan, and Fabio should vote Holly. The votes are cast and Chase and Sash play the idols. The votes come out 5 for Jane and 1 for Sash however and we have our final five.

All right now the good stuff....the opinions.

-Wow what an episode. Easily the best one of the season. The boot of Jane wont get any debate from me. It was the right move as she would havae easily beaten the others (with maybe some competition from Fabio). I have screamed in the past about the stupidity of keeping people around too long who are threats and so they did the right thins here. The issue I do have however is the complete bungling of tribal council by Chase, Sash, and Holly. Let me say this: Chase is in way over his head in this game. He is a nice guy and means well but he has no clue about how to play the game and his social skills are terrible. His out and out admittance to Probst about how Fabio and Dan are next was completely moronic and did nothing but piss the two guys off and thus take a blowtorch to his relationship with them the rest of the way. He better hope Holly and Sash dont turn on him because Dan and Fabio will have no use for him going forward. And Holly and Sash did their part in blowing their chances by backing up what Chase said. They both should have kept their mouths shut but they didnt. Dumb dumb dumb.
-As far as Jane herself was concerned, I really enjoyed watching her compete. She was incredibly feisty and she did herself and her family proud. Her underestimated strength and performances in challenges was eye opening and she really has nothing to be ashamed of. What is clear however is that Jane was guilty of being a little too trusting and the hurt she felt by being betrayed was tough to watch. She stood up for herself though and putting out the fire was awesome. Good for her.
-Its Fabio's game to lose now. He will destroy the other four in a finale and he has to win two immunities to get there. Its a tall order but it can be done. Also it was nice seeing how touched he was by the family visit. And his mom!!!! Holy crap was she hot as hell. Four letters kept popping into my mind when she was shown on the screen and it stars with an M and ends with a F. Fill in the rest. Damn you Chase for not picking Fabio to go on the reward. Would have been great to see his mom that much longer.
-Speaking of the reward challenge, I always enjoy the family visit episode. You get to see the other side of these people. The side that has some love and warmth in them (except for Russell Hantz who didnt even kiss his wife when she came out to visit). Good stuff.
-By the way many might feel the need to mock Dan and the way he and his son were embracing. Its not everyday you see a grown man kiss his father that way in public. If you ask me I thought it was great and for those of you who are Italian out there like me, you know all too well that our culture is very emotional and embracing when it comes to family.
-By the way I loved how Dan called Chase a scumbag and later a douchbag for not picking him to go on the reward. There is that Italian fire I was waiting to see.
-Really Chase winning the reward was put in an awfully tough spot. Either way someone is going to be pissed off, especially during the family challenge. I kept waiting for him or Holly or Sash to step aside and give the spot to a clearly upset Fabio but I am also not surprised nor can I blame them that nobody did. Having a family member out there after not seeing them that long is something none of us can understand until we are out there in that scenario. No one would rightfully give that up. However if someone did, it would be a million dollar move.
-You know if I were in the game (still waiting for my call CBS), I would try to NOT win any of the reward challenges. Let someone else deal with the controversy of having to make those hard choices. Or if I did decide to play and I was victorious, I would do something random to pick who goes with me. Draw sticks or stones or guess the number in Probst's head. Anything to take out the personal aspect of it. No one can get mad than.
-Did I say how hot Fabio's mom was? Wow.

All right thats all for now. Check back for more soon.

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