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Wow a lot to get to here. First the requisite wrapup and than the noteworthy opinions.

Things start off back at camp after TC as the NaOnka and Purple Kelly discuss what took place. Holly does a rehash with NaOnka also and she seems to be ponying up to her as they feel a bond over kicking out Brenda earlier. Finally Chase and NaOnka talk about getting rid of Sash and blindisiding him since he has the hidden immunity idol. They talk about sticking together with Jane and Holly.

The next morning, we see the tribe sitting in the shelter as a storm rages outside as rushing water is flowing through their camp. The rain causes NaOnka to start crying as she feels pain due to the fact she is anemic. Kelly too begins to cry and talks about how she is not doing well. Soon the sun comes out and Benry and Fabio talk about how they dont care if the two girls leave. Chase and NaOnka go for a walk meanwhile and she admits to him that her heart is not in the game and she hands over the hidden immunity idol to him.

On the other side of the ledger, Jane and Holly talk about their alliance with Sash and Chase. Chase confirms this to Sash and Holly and all seems well. Sash however doesnt trust them however which he discusses during a confessional. He would rather Purple Kelly and NaOnka stays as he trusts them more but this question lingers around the tribe for the time being.

Soon its challenge time as the tribe meets up with Probst in the jungle. Things starts off with two teams tied together and they each will have a dummy called Gulliver tied to a table. They will untie him and race him over a series of obstacles. First tribe to cross the finish line win reward which is a trip to the Survivor cinema to see Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black. With the movie they get the usual cinema snacks such as popcorn. The tribes are divided by school yard pick which finishes with Fabio, Sash, Jane, Kelly against Holly, NaOnka, Chase, and Benry. Dan is not selected and he backs up the latter group. The challenge was very close all the way through as the blue team of Benry, Chase, NaONka, and Holly win reward along with Dan who endorsed them beforehand. Shockingly at the end of the challenge NaOnka decides to quit the game on the spot. Probst asks the question of the rest of the group and Purple Kelly goes with it also. Probst is shocked and looks ticked as he should. He decides not to accept it and will give them the rest of the day to think about it. At TC that night the two will give their final answers. Finally Probst asks the winners that if any one of them want to stay behind and not go eat at the movie than they will get a tarp and rice for the rest of the tribe. Holly speaks up and accepts this as Chase, Dan, and Benry tell NaOnka she should do it since she wants to leave. NaOnka doesnt go for it and Holly is shocked about this. Ugly all around.

Back at camp, Holly is praised for her selfishness. Holly meanwhile goes for a walk with Kelly and tries to get her to suck it up and stay the course. She is trying her best to get in her head and informs her she will forever be remembered as a quitter. Despite the talk Kelly doesnt seem to budge.

The reward winners head off to the movie and settle in for a bunch of rating and relaxation. They all dig in and begin making note of how Holly took one for the tribe. They all sit down and watch the movie but the pall of NaOnka was present the entire time out there. Soon its time for TC as Kelly is still undecided about what she will do.

The tribe meets up again at TC as the rain begins to fall again. Probst gets right to it as far as Kelly and NaOnka wanting to quit and brings up Holly about how she wanted to quit but wound up staying in it. NaOnka and Kelly admit when they started thinking about when they decided to bail on the game. Benry and Fabio talk about how they would never quit. Finally NaOnka talks about how she thought she had a chance to win the game and how she will always be herself no matter what. When it gets down to it Probst asks NaOnka first if she will quit and she sias she is quitting. He than turns to Purple Kelly and asks her the same and she also quits. Probst is disgusted and he snuffs both their torches and leaves them sitting there as a reminder regarding what they did.

All right now that the wrapup is out of the way, its time for the good stuff..

-The very first thing I wanted to say is "GOOD RIDDANCE." You all know how I feel about NaOnka but in case you forgot, I think she is a complete scumbag, classless, bigoted, disgraceful human being who craped all over Survivor Nicaragua and showed no remorse. As far as Purple Kelly is concerned, she hands down is the most pathetic, useless Survivor contestant EVER.....for more emphasis...EVER!!!!!!!!! Its not even close for second.
-In my opinion there is absolutely nothing worse than quitting Survivor. It is a huge insult to Mark Burnett for seeing something in you that he chose you to come aboard over thousands of other applicants. Its insulting to Jeff Probst who puts his heart and soul into the show every week. Its insulting to the fellow players of which I will get to in a second. And finally it is insulting to all the viewers out there who spend an hour of their time each week looking to watch Survivor for what it is and thats a hardcore competition where someone is voted out every week. The quality of the game gets destroyed by something like this and it makes a mockery of the whole system. What a joke.
-You really had to feel for Marty, Brenda, and a crying Alina. You could see the disgust and anger on their faces as they realize that people who voted them out now dont think its worth their time to continue on. Whether you liked them or hated them, all three of Marty, Brenda, and Alina faught their asses off each week and competed to the best of their abilities. To see people like Kelly and NaOnka get further in the game than them and to have a hand in their ouster has got to be gut wrenching. You could feel Alina's pain as she cried. It was awful to watch. My first reaction was that if I were Probst, I would automatically replace the two quitters with two from Marty, Brenda, or Alina. I dont ever support putting ousted players back into the game but for this circumstance I would. Just terrible.
-The fact that the two of them quit is one thing but with only 11 days to go, it inarguably makes them stand out even in the shameful group of quitters in Survivor history. At least those who quit before them did it before the jury. I dont even know how this is all going to play out with their jury duties.
-Actually it came to me. Kelly and NaOnka shouldnt have a jury vote. Probst should have shipped their useless asses right home. They should not have any more influence on this game since they dont have the maturity to handle such a responsibility.
-NaOnka made Russell Hantz look like Mother Theresa. I better stop now or else I am really going to use some salty language and I dont want to offend my readers.
-As right as Holly was in telling Kelly she will regret the move for the rest of her life, I honestly dont believe she or NaOnka will feel any remorse over this. I truly believe that Kelly especially only did Survivor to get her face out there so that she can get a shot at Hollywood...or to show her rack in Playboy. That goes back to the post I wrote a few weeks ago about how Survivor has to stop holding these open casting calls for contestants and instead go back to poring over the application tapes from the hardcore fans of the show. The quality of play in Survivor is suffering as a result of this new method of casting and today is proof positive over this. Yeah Kelly looked nice and all but she offered absolutely nothing to the show and so that falls on Burnett. Bad job on his part. Go back to the drawing board now.
-I loved how Jane ripped into Kelly and NaOnka at TC about how they rely on their parents to get by and dont know what life is all about. Kelly just oozes the type of kid she is talking about. One who lives at home with mommy and daddy and mooches off of them for everything they are worth. She is so immature beyond her years and she probably doesnt even know how to balance a checkbook.
-You could just see how pissed Probst was by all of this. I love his no-nonsense style of hosting but he has some responsibility for all of this too. The show is his child and he clearly has major pull. If he told Burnett to go back to casting hardcore fans than he would in a second. Period.
-Instead of snuffing the torches, Probst should have just thrown them into the fire. They didnt deserve to even stand in any proximity to the others. He missed a great opportunity to send a message and how awesome would it have been to see the looks on Kelly and NaOnka's faces when he disgustedly throws their torches into the fire.
-The other seven tribe members must have felt like it was Christmas. To have two people go out like that must have been so exciting.
-Say what you want about how useless Dan is but he didnt quit when he thought about it. Same goes for Holly who made a game-winning move by giving up her reward so that the rest of the tribe can get rice and a tarp. I said weeks ago how proud I was of how Holly turned her game around and how I thought she now had a chance to win. My belief is strengthened even more now. She really won me over to the point now I am rooting for her.
-By the way yet another classless act by NaOnka by not giving up her spot in the reward for Holly. I would love to meet her parents and say to them "what the hell did you teach this girl?"
-It was odd seeing Kelly lick the rice bowl during dinner right before TC. I guess she misses her boyfriend.
-Gulliver's Travels looks pretty funny by the way. I will see it.
-Chase gets the hidden immunity idol from NaOnka and I swore I thought he was going to walk over during TC and hand it to Brenda with a look of longing in his eyes.
-Alina I miss you. Call me!
-You know sometimes Survivor is their own worst enemy. Last week's useless secret scenes episode and the opening rehash sequence this week totally blew the lid on Kelly quitting the game. They spoiled their own show basically which is just stupid editing on their part. I dont understand why they do things like they do.

All right I am out. I can go all night with this but the laptop heat on my legs is giving me a skin graft so I am out. Be sure to check back for more tomorrow as there will be additional stuff on this.

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