Friday, December 17, 2010


Only five are left and Sunday we find out who takes the prize. Lets see who the favorite are.

1. Fabio: Fabio goes right to the top despite the fact he probably has to win the last two immunity challenges to get to the end of the game. At this point I am ranking everyone based on the likeliehood they in the finale. No one can hold a candle to him in that aspect.

2. Holly: If Holly, Sash, and Chase make the final three with their alliance, Holly should be the one to take it home. I think Chase and Sash have garnered a lot of ill will to themselves and the jury will likely pick Holly as a lesser of the evils scenario.

3. Dan: I really have enjoyed Dan this season other than in challenges. Even though he is already loaded, he could get the million bucks if he gets to the end against Sash and Chase. Starnger things have happened.

4. Sash: Sash is playing the game hard but the moment he backstabbed Brenda, his game was finished in my view. The others dont like him that make up the jury and so its a longshot he gets it.

5. Chase: Chase is a nice guy but again he is in over his head. Nice guys do finish last.

There you have it. Should be fun to watch.

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