Sunday, December 19, 2010


All right so as you all know the Survivor community got duped badly with some bad info that was put out that talked about how Carrie Prejean and Kimbo Slice were going to be on Survivor 22 which was going to be the Rob VS Russell season and as we eventually discovered that this was a bunch of baloney. Now some are starting to wonder about whether Rob and Russell being on S22 is a hoax also. For starters it appears as though Survivor and its producers are fed up with all of the leaks that have destroyed the last three seasons and so they have taken a proactive stance in going out to discredit such spoilers like missaye and blackwhale as they are known. Since the bad info they put out has proven to be false to this point, one stands to wonder if Rob and Russell being there was a hoax also.

Tonight's reunion show offered a mixed bag of possibilities as both Rob and Russell were there but so were fellow Survivor stalwarts Coach, Cirie, and Rupert among others. Probst did speak to Rob specifically but only about the birth of his second daughter. There was no mention of the two of them being on S22. Now of course we could be seeing another Bobby John/Stephenie thing where they are introduced right at the start of the first episode but there is doubt now as to whether all of this was true in the first place. That would be too bad because I am in the minority in believing that this would be an interesting concept and it also would supply another chance to see if Russell can finally get his torch snuffed out. We shall see with this.

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