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As always the commentary and than the Nobel Peace Prize commentary.

Things start off back at camp after TC as NaOnka thought Marty was too tough on Jane and that she would have hit him if it were her. We also see Chase talk disgustedly about what Marty did to her. He is very supportive and kind to her as they sit around the fire talking.

The next day we see Sash and Marty getting water as the latter tries to find out who put his name down on the parchment. He admits he still feels in trouble and needs to come up with a new strategy. He proceeds to confront Dan and Benry and instruct them to put the word out they are voting NaOnka and than blindside Jane, thus flushing the idol out of play. He continues to talk about how Jane would win if he got to the end of the game as the woman herself watches what is going on in the background.

We area than taken to the reward challenge which is a huge obstacle course where the tribe will randomly be split into two teams. The object is to go through a series of obstacles together to grab three keys which will unlock three locks and raise a flag. Whoevere gets the flag raised first win reward which is a zip line tour followed by a barebecue. The crazy part of this was the fact the men and women were drawn to go against each other. Chase was the only one not to get selected and was told to pick a tribe to endorse to win. If he picked the right team than he goes on the reward. He shockingly picks the girls and the battle begins. The men jump out to a huge lead but than slow some as Dan has a tough time getting thorugh the netting. In the end however the men get it done and head to the barbecue. The men than turn to Chase and give him hell for not picking them to win. The men are also given the option of giving up their spot to one of the ladies but they all refuse. Marty makaes a last comment about how Chase joining up with Jane is like watching Dumb and Dumber.

We are than taken to the zip line tour for the men as the fly through the air over the jungle. Its soon time for the feast as the drinking begins and also talk of strategy as Marty hatches his plan about flushing the idol out and Jane gets kicked out. Fabio seems pleased with the plan and they also start talking baout Brenda. Sash seems quiet as he believes he and Brenda have the power in the game. Back at camp, the women praise Chase for sticking with them but Brenda seems unimpressed. She notes how he doesnt make good moves in the game. The rest of the women talk about how Marty has to the first to go. Holly tries to make her move in talking to Chase about getting Marty out and whether Brenda can be trusted. Chase makes it a point to also ask NaOnka about whether she can be trusted and she says she can. He soon confronts Brenda about it and she gets very quiet about the plan of ousting Marty. She talks in a confessional about how paranoid he is and about what a baby he is acting like. Soon it appears that the women are tired of his act and he possibly will be sent packing.

Soon we are back at camp as the tree mail arrives signaling the immunity challenge. The stakes are high as the challenge is revealed as one that requires a good memory due to the fact it will be a game where symbols are shown to the tribe and thus the mmebers have to remember the order the were shown. If they mess up they are out. The last person standing gets immunity. The game begins as Jane and NaOnka go out at the start. Soon they are followed by Dan. Holly, Kelly, and Sash go next. We are down to five as Marty, Benry, Brenda, Fabio, and Chase go to the next series of the challenge. Fabio goes out first from the final five and Chase goes next. Finally we see Benry go out as Marty and Brenda are the final two players in the game. We soon see Brenda smiling as Marty puts up a different symbol than what she had as she gets immunity.

Back at camp, the talk begins as Fabio and Benry talk about Marty's plan and how they want to get rid of NaOnka. They agree to lay low and say they are voting her out. Chase and Marty soon talk and the latter lays it down about how NaOnka has to go. Next we see Chase talking to Holly and Jane and he correctly figures out the plan Marty really has. He wants Marty out. Marty in turn tells Brenda that Sash and he agreed to blindside Jane and he claims it was his plan. She seems all right with the plan. However she soon grabs Sash and they talk about what to do. Sash wants Marty to stay for a bit but he notes that all the women want him out so the pressure is there for them to go with the majority on this. They both can go either way as TC starts.

The first line of questioning concerns the reward challenge and how the women put up a big fight. Sash points out that bonding took place between the guys followed by Fabio talking about how the women and Chase were talking back at camp. We than see Marty talking again about Jane and how a huge threat she is. Brenda validates this. Jane retorts about how she thinks she does have a target on her back. We finally see NaOnka cop an attitude about the food stealing incident and Marty chimes in about how it didnt have enough of an impact with the rest of the players. She goes on a rant about how she hates the guy and he talks about how her dad wont be proud of her. She goes on a huge rampage and drops f-bombs everwhere. Probst is shocked but correctly points out how she likely will go to the end of the game based on her behavior. Soon the votes are cast as Marty is sent home by a tally of 7-4.

Wow that cerainly was an explosive episode to say the least. Let the commentary begin.

-All right I feel much better this week now that Marty has mercifully been sent packing. After screaming for two weeks about how stupid these people were for letting him stay in the game, I will acknowlege how "smart" they were for finally doing the right thing. It almost didnt happen unbelievably however as Sash and Brenda were talking at the last minute baout how they wanted him to stay around. Huh? I still dont get that line of thinking from two seemingly smart people. But in the end they sent him home and now we can finally move on from those two weeks of idiocy.
-As far as Marty is concerned, the guy had some serious game. I know some of you will say he really didnt and that he was incredibly lucky to have dodged elimination the last two weeks before tonights show. Valid points yes but you arent seeing the whole picture. In tonight episode for example, Marty hatched a very good plan to flush the idol from NaOnka and blindside Jane. Very sound strategy for sure but the others saw how dangerous he was and he went home. Yes he failed with that particular plan but the guy was always thinking about the game. As classless as he was during his distribe against Jane last week, he was absolutely right about her being a huge threat. Marty was playing Survivor the correct way in identifying those who are likable and have a great story as threats who need to be dealt with. He did with Jimmy Johnson also which I hated to see but he saw how the others saw stars in their eyes when they looked at him. All in all I think we surely will see Marty again during a future All Stars season. In fact you cant count on it. I despised the guy but I respected his game.
-Benry and Fabio are in a whole lot of trouble now. I have stumped for Benry the entire game but thigns are not looking good now. They marked themselves by going along with the plan to blinside Jane and that sets them up as being the next to go. The fact they are both young, likable, and atheltic makes it even more of a certainly they are targeted the next time around.
-Jane got the last laugh on Marty which was great to see. I have liked Jane from the beginning but she still faces tough sledding the rest of the way as Brenda wants her out and so far she gets what she wants in the game.
-NaOnka is such a classless bitch. I dont like to be that harsh with my words on a public forum such as this but I cant help it and you know what she deserves every criticism she gets. Its beyond ridiculous how she acts and again I come back to the fact she is a phys ed TEACHER and as per the requirements of the job, should serve as a role model to her students. Unreal. I can only imagine what is going through the mind of her principal and the parents of her students. I can certainly envision the letters pouring into his office by the boatload and they begin with something like this "Dear Mr. Principal. About your physical education bigot..uh teacher NaOnka. I want my son/daughter (insert name here) removed from her organized seminar on how to act like a loser....er I mean her CLASS (which is funny I use this word since she has none)." And on and on it goes. Without a doubt NaOnka is the nastiest individual male or female who ever appeared on the show.
-Every player left in this game will be fighting like hell to be the one who takes NaOnka's hand and escorts her to the finale. Before the show started NaOnka should have negotiated a share of the winnings based on the fact she is the slam dunk person to take to the end as she will surely get the Russell Hantz treatment.
-I have been saying from the very beginning that Chase is airy....and not in a Fabio "I spelt my name wrong on the SAT's dumb." The guy doesnt have the head to play this game unlike a Marty who is always looking to make the right mvoe to advance. Whats interesting is how Brenda is now taking pleasure in ridiculing him every week. She seems like the girl who had a one night stand with a a guy from work and than mocks the guy behind his back to her co-workers after it didnt go well. The shame of it all is that he is a really nice guy but you know what they say about nice guys. He has almost no chance to win this unless he goes on a Coly Donaldson Australia immunity streak.
-That was just crazy how the men and women were drawn randomly to play against each other in the reward challenge. I think the odds of that happening were just as long as they were when the tribes wound up being drawn the same way they had been during All Stars with the exception of Amber going to the other tribe.
-By the way Chase picking the women to win the reward challenge was pathetic to see as he clearly was trying to be a rebel with the pick. It backfired as he totally lost the respect from the men. Always stick with the bros.
-Purple Kelly almost cried at the end of the challenge because she was so happy she finally was filmed in a scene.
-Holly keeps giving me the feeling that she might win. Thats a sentence I never thought I would say after she buried Dan's crocks. I would have thought at that point that there was a better chance of Dan winning a foot race against Benry than Holly still being around.
-Dan oh Dan. Watching you in the cargo net was comical. I like you bro but what the hell were you thinking coming on here?
-The cast for this season has been a winner. Good job there Burnett.

Thats all for now. Lets hear the opposing views.

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