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I thought it would be interesting to look back on the first impressions I made on the cast of Survivor 21 Nicaragua based on their intro interviews before they went out for the contest and I wanted to see how accurate my view of them was. All in all I thought I hit on a lot of these people's tendencies and behaviors. Take a look at what I wrote back in August and than below that is a recap of how right or wrong I was on these people.


So the cast for Survivor Nicaragua was finally revealed this morning on the CBS Morning Show. A full cast of 20 was introduced along with their vidoes on the CBS website. Here as the tidbits you need to know about each player heading into the game.

Ben Henry (24): Pretty boy young buck. Worked for Girls Gone Wild. Will try and use his "boyish" looks to get by. Worries about his bad temper getting him in trouble. I hate guys like this. Hope he goes first. Seems very conceited.

Jimmy Johnson (67): Claims he is going to lay low and not fall back on his coaching instincts where he tells everyone what to to. Will use the strategy of making himself atractive to the others to bring to the end aas he believes no one will give him the million dollar.

Alina Wilson (23): wants to prove she is not just a pretty girl. She wants to show everyone she is a bad-ass. She is a pretty girl who is trying to use her looks to get others to trust her.

Brenda Lowe (27): owns a paddle board company, Hispanic former beauty queen, kinda boring in her pre-show interview.

Chase Rice (24): works in a pit fuel. Lost his father and his ability to play football due to ankle injury. Seems like a really nice, genuine kid who has a lot of perspective. I am rooting for him.

Dan Lembo (63): Tough guy Italian dude. Very muscular guy for his age. has huge guns. Is known as Mr. Connected....Mafia reference????? Hmmmm. He is hinting at it. Raised in Brooklyn during mafia height. The guy is also probably filthy rich as he lives in Watermill Long Island which is all mansions. One of the most exclusive towns in New York.

Holly Hoffman (44): Swim coach who claims she is tough. Claims she has a mean streak and plans to come in and be friendly and make alliances.

Jane Bright (56): farmer chick, she claims she is fearless and nothing at camp will deter her as she has seen it all working outdoors. Claims she can outdo any girl in a fitness test. I like her. She seems like she takes no BS and works her ass off.

Jill Behm (43): emergency room doctor so she could come in handy if anyone gets sick or hurt. That alone makes her someone that would attractive to keep on the tribe. Has very short hair....looks kind of butchy but she is a mom also. Competes in cycling races and seems like she is very fit.

Jimmy Tarantino (48): is a commercial fisherman so he is another one that will probably stay around awhile with his ability to get food. Has long hair for an old guy and seems pretty chill. Won the online Survivor contest. Seems like another good guy to root for here.

Jud Birza (21): Ughh...he uses the word RAD in his interview questions. Another pretty boy California dude who surfs and he knows people think he is going to be the goofy hanging out dude. Claims he has more going on upstairs.

Kelly Bruno (26): As I reported, she is the first female contestant to compete with a prosthetic leg as she lost her leg at six months old. Was teased in school.....terrible. Got involved in competitive sports and is trying to prove handicapped people can do well. Her dad was killed in January in Haiti during the earthquake....Wow this girl has been through a lot. Will be the sentimental favorite for sure.

Kelly Shinn (20): shes a nursing student....very young obviously. Seems very well spoken for her age. Typical young Survivor blondie. Was biggest flirt in high school.

Marty Piombo (48): seems like another really nice guy (the OLD tribe is full of likable people) and his mantra is to remain calm. Thinks he will be a leadership type as he is a business executive for Yahoo. That could hurt him as early leaders put themselves at big risk. Could be early boot or the end with the strategy.

Matthew Lenahan (30): They call him "Sash." Big time real estate broker in New York City so he definately is rich. Thinks he already has all the women wrapped around his finger. Very arrogant. Hate guys like this. Probably will be the douce of the season. Says he has always dominated everything he ever did.....please.

NaOnka Mixon (27): big time track star...should be a big asset to challenges. Another one who seems very into herself. Says she is the secret weapon. Claims she is not nervous and is a stallion. She really seemed like she was on drugs in the interview video on the CBS site.

Shannon Elkins (30): I dont know why but this guy has annoyed me since the first time I saw his photo. Yet another Survivor pretty boy. Is a little league coach but claims he can take orders. Seems very blunt and in your face. I dont like him. He seems like he is pretty athletic but the interview is cringe worthy as he talks like he is 15.

Tyrone Davis (42): likes to tell others that he survivved the projects. Is now working as a firefighter and claims he is a good people person.

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff (48): shes the goat rancher who is also a nurse in the Army. Her tone of voice is like a teenager. Admits she talks too much. If I were to place money on anyone being the first voted out, it is hands down her. The type of annoying player that is always kicked out right off the bat.

Yve Rojas (41): The Survivor hot mom. She too talks like she is a dumb teenager. Was in ROTC. Her nickname was Evil Yve growing up.


All right so with all that being said, lets see how I did in sizing up the players here.

Benry: I was harsh on the guy as I usually cant stand players like what he appeared to be in his interview. He has been for the most part a standup, nice guy so I missed here.

Jimmy J: Johnson tried the strategy he talked about but it failed miserably. Surprised he was out so quickly.

Alina: She didnt show much badass but she also got her hands dirty. Yeah she was hot too so I got that right.

Brenda: Yeah she was boring in her interview but she opened up in the game.

Chase: Chase I nailed perfectly. He is that kind, genuine guy he showed in the interview and yes I am rooting for him along with one or two others.

Dan: Dan was a big disappointment. I was hoping he would threaten to break someone's legs but he has been non-existent and for all his muscles at his age, he is aas delicate as glass.

Holly: We saw the mean streak with burying Dan's shoes and she did come in and make an alliance with Wendy of which she smartly abandoned. She has played well since her early hiccup.

Jane: Was right on with her too. She did prove her mettle in challenges and no doubt I think she is the toughest woman out there.

Jill: Didnt see much of her medical expertise with Dan's injuries and she did well during her stay.

Jimmy T: Boy did I miss on this guy. Ha I thought he would stay around awhile. I didnt think he was this obnoxious like he was on the show. Complete washout there.

Jud (Fabio): He annoyed me with his childish language skills and so far I havent seen any "I wil show I am smarter than they think" ability.

Kelly B: She got teased in school and got teased on Survivor. Just terrible. One of the biggest disappointments of the season was not seeing her go far in the game.

Marty: I cant believe I wrote he seemed like a nice guy. And that he said he will try to remain calm. Tell that to Jane. The guy had game though but he was too aggressive.

Sash: First of all I forgot his name was Matthew. Also I guess he is straight in talking about how he gets women wrapped around his finger. I am sure Shannon is laughing somewhere.

NaOnka: HAHAHA. I wrote it seems like she was on drugs during the interview. Yeah that about sums it up.

Shannon: Another guy who I pegged right away as a blowhard pretty boy. He got what he deserved.

Tyrone: Tyrone was not a good people person at all in the game. He was very confrontational all throughout his stay there.

Wendy: Yeah I was never more accurate with anyone than her. I could see it a mile away with her being the first boot. Easy one there for sure.

Yve: She was the hot mom for sure but nothing happened here which was worth discussing.

Not too bad I guess. Good job me.

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