Sunday, November 7, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Strategy: What Sash Should Do!

All right its pretty fair to say that Sash seems to be most in control of what will go on at this point for the duration of the Survivor Nicaragua season. With a hidden immmunity idol in his possession along with a seemingly strong alliance with loyal tribemates such as Brenda and NaOnka, its set up right for Sash to go all the way to the end of the game. He has already gone on record as saying he wants to bring NaOnka to the end of the game as he correctly surmises that no one on the jury would give her the million dollars due to her alienating tactics since the start of the game. Brenda would seem to be the other person he would bring to the end due to the tight relationship they have had and how they have both been like the ringleaders in the alliance. In my opinion, Sash would be possibly making a one million dollar mistake if he went that route. In fact if the season wasnt already taped and he had been able to follow my advice, than he could almost guarantee himself the million dollars. Lets see what the hell I am talking about.

First and foremost Sash is getting it half right with NaOnka. That is the right call all the way and everyone left in the game should be thinking the same thing. She is a slam dunk betable final TC opponent. Instead of Brenda however, I think the person that Sash should take to the finale is none other than........(wait for it)............DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right Dan! Let me explain as this makes total sense.

For starters, Dan should have been out of this game weeks ago. He is one of the worst players in Survivor history from a physical standpoint and its painful watching the guy even walk. Everyone left in the game knows this and the only reason he is still in the game is due to the fact that no one takes him seriously as a player. There are much bigger fish to fry than worrying about a cripple who has no alliance or any kind of foothold in the game. He also has openly spoken about wanting to leave the game and that kind of talk gets no respect from anyone on Survivor. No way anybody rewards that kind of attitude. Also Dan has made it known that he is not doing this for the money and that he has his Ferrar's and big house back home....which he does in living in Watermill, Long Island which is one of the richest towns on the East Coast. So again no one would darea give him more money that he alreayd has. So Sash absolutely should pull Dan aside and tell him that he wants to bring him all the way to the end of the game. Dont let Brenda in on it obviously and cast her aside at the final four. Sure he wont get Brenda's vote at the final TC as she will be ticked for getting the boot so close to the end but he can throw one vote away in the likeliehood that he gets the others. Its almost a fool proof plan. The only thing that can go wrong is for Brenda to win immunity that last challenge but even than I still think Sash would stand a good chance of winning as Brenda has made some enemies to this point. Either way he wins the game.

What do you think about this strategy? Foolproof or no?

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