Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode Preview

Survivor Nicaragua kicks off another episode tonight with 11 players remaining in the game off the ouster of Alina last week. Lines have clearly been drawn with Sash and Brenda running the who on one side with a very suppostive Jane in the rear while Marty tries to do whatever he can to hang on from the outside with Dan working as his spy. Marty was spared for the second time in a row last week but the noose is tightening. The previews show Sash and Brenda talking about keeping their alliance strong and how there are threats lurking around them from the other players. The sideshow through all of this is the continuing battle between Marty and Jane. She seems totally infatuated with getting him out of the game and so something could happen as soon as tonight. Stay tuned.

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