Friday, November 5, 2010

Survivor Redemption Island Concept: No Thanks!

All right so its been reported ad nauseum by now about how the upcoming Rob VS Russell season will introduce the Redemption Island concept that has been a part of some of the international versions of the show and will now hit the U.S. shores. The concept goes that starting sometime around the merge, each booted contestant heads off to this Redemption Island place and awaits the next booted player to face off in a head ot head battle for the right to continue to stay in the game. Eventually around the time when six people are left, whoever the last person standing on Redemption Island will officially be placed right back into the game to the shock of the players still competing. And so it goes.

Most critics (which include yours truly) can see right through this concept as a means to keep the Survivor superstars Russell and Rob in the game as long as possible. The hope goes that if one of them should be booted early, this will give them the chance to get back into the game and thus save the season theme of the two doing battle. All in all I think this is a horrendous idea. I have said on here on too many occasions to count that when Burton and Lil were brought back into the Pearl Islands season, it marked a low point in Survivor's history. For the first time ever, all was not lost for someone kicked out of the game. I was not along in feeling disgust over this and so the concept was set aside until this upcoming season when Rob and Russell just so happen to be playing. Whatever. Anything that eliminates the original Survivor notion of where once you are voted out than you are done for good in my opinion undermines everything that the show was based on. I only hope that whoever emerges out of this doesnt get rewarded with the dough. If so that would be beyond ridiculous. Your thoughts on this concept?

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