Thursday, November 4, 2010

Survivor Spoilers: Rob VS Russell....DONT READ IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE SPOILED!!

All right I know on the heels of the missaye disaster that potential Survivor 22 spoilers are dangerous territory but I would be doing all of you a disservice if I didnt post some of this info I just came across. This latest bit of spoilers comes from a guy named Salamander and boy is it detailed. Stop reading now if you dont want to POTENTIALLY be spoiled. As always take it for whats its worth and dont shoot the messenger if it is wrong. Sounds good to me. Scroll down for the information.

I know I have posted bad info before Anti but that was just to screw around. I swear if people check these they will check out cause they are true. Pleas wait before you lock this cause both these people really are on. This is not Missyaes fan-fic. I will absolutly not reveal where I got this info from but more will follow once they are to atleast top 5 in Survivor Nicaragua... -Johnny Chan (World Champion Poker Player) was there (Did VERY well)

-Woman named Charla Guillory was there.-1st Boot

Russell and Rob were both there that is not fan fic. Rob lasted longer though then first believed here. Russell was boot before Merge (Juror #1). Rob was F6 boot.....

I can shed some light on the whole Redemption Island thing.
Example: Boot #1 loses to Boot #2 In Redemption Island Challenge. Boot #2 stays, and Boot #1 is out of the game.

Russells team dominated Premerge wins (6/8) immunity challenges. Merge at 12. Robs team is decimated to Rob and 3 women. Russell (Premerge Boot, Juror #1-For Now), and lone female are Premerge boots.

Russell goes onto Redemption Island beats the first guy. 4 females are booted in a row, (ALL the challenges are physical so Russell wins). Finally an Alpha male is booted (Someone who can actually be a contender). Beats Russell but Probst and team say he is disqualified cause he stepped out of his lane during the challenge. I have no clue if this was just or unjust but what I heard was it was a pretty shitty call. Down to to 7. Next 2 boots are both females, Russell easily beats them both. Wins spot back in the game (#6 Robs Place)..... All left are 1 woman from Robs tribe, and 3/4 men on Russells tribe and Russell. Russell is the goat because no one is voting in the end (So They Think) for a RI contestant. Keep in mind the contestants had NO clue this was going on untill Russell was brought back so struck alotta them as unfair. Russell is F3 with 2 other men. All I know is he gets no votes. Will post more later

So there you have it. Johnny Chan being on was something that you first heard here. I broached this even before taping started so I feel vindicated here. Also it looks like Russell makes another final through this Redemption Island crap. At least his torch gets snuffed but not at the hands of Rob if this is correct. Let me know what you think of this.

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  1. What? That made absolutely no sense. If you had just said, "Here are the final 3" it would have been much better. Plus, my personal belief is that Matt E. will win. However, it's mostly just a hope because I have a bet on him. :)