Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Survivor Casting Call Set

I have gotten a lot of questions on when the upcoming Survivor casting calls will be and it appears the first one for upcoming seasons is going to be on Friday November 12 from 12-6 PM at the Alabama International Auto Show. So for those who think Survivor is nearing its completion and that they wont be doing these gatherings anymore, this is obvioously evidence to the contrary. Also this without a doubt has been the new means for the producers to gather the cast instead of looking through the videos and applications like in the past. In other words if your hot or are a stud, you will be pulled aside and strongly considered for the show. Thats just how it is now....A Road Rules/Real World type cast with a few B-list celebs thrown in. Like I said the show is still good but most of these new people have not even seen an episode of the show and thus the quality of game play in my view has suffered as a result of them not coming in with a studied plan. AGREE OR DISAGREE?

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