Saturday, November 13, 2010


There will be a lot of crazy shizz going on in the next few weeks of Survivor Nicaragua and none of it good. The end result of the upcoming riduculousness should lead CBS and Mark Burnett with the realization that the show must go back to the drawing board in how the compile the casts for each season. You will understand very soon what I mean.

I have made note on here many times over the last year or so about how I totally am opposed to the way Survivor gathers their casts each season the last few seasons. When the show first originated and through the first 10-15 seasons or so, Burnett and the rest of the producers went the old school way of discovering the cast by asking for and than sifting through thousands of paper applications and the videos that went along with them. These applicants were mostly fans of the show who armchair quarterback strategy from their couches every week and thus feel they have what it takes to be on the show. In other words, these are the types of players that made the show great. Those who had an appreciation for Survivor and who knew all of the nuts and bolts about how to play the game. You had Rob Cesternino, the self-professed Survior expert and Todd Herzog who went in with a "fool proof" plan on how to win the game which he did. When you combine 16-20 different formulated strategies, than you get great Survivor play. Unfortunately, those days are a thing of the past.

For the last five seasons or so, Survivor has taken to the streets conducting "talent searches" for the seasons. In other words, it pretty much was that if you were hot or buff, you caught the eye of the show and you were put on. All in all Burnett was very open about how this was done and so we get seasons like we have had the last few years filled with pretty boys and hot chicks and the occasional blowhard like Russell and Marty who actually have a sense of how the game is conducted. In fact I am willing to bet quite a bit of money on the fact that many of these players probably never even watched an episode of the show. Hence the game play sucks now and we get the garbage we are going to be seeing real soon. In fact Marty and Sash are really the only ones on the show who seem to have any idea wha they are doing. The rest are in it for fame and thats it. What a joke.

I can only hope this changes going forward but at this point I really have no belief it will. Burnett has sold out his show to the glamour and look of the player and not whats inside their head as far as their strategy is concerned. Very sad.

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