Friday, November 5, 2010

False Survivor Spoilers A Ploy By The Producers?

All right so we all now know that the previously formidable Survivor spoiler missaye has seen his/her stock drop in that community big time after the tidbits that he/she was sharing about the Rob VS Russell season turned out to be complete bunk. Specifically speaking, the whole Carrie Prejean, Kimbo Slice appearances and the fact Prejean helps Rob out etc. That all apparently didnt happen. Word is that whoever the source was for this info did this as a means to throw off the Survivor spoiling community from completely ruining the season after S19 and S20 H VS V were totally destroyed with the release of 100 percent accurate boot lists. So the fight is now on to keep everything a secret as we head to S22.

Now I have no idea if there is a boot list out there for S21 (the current season) as I havent wanted to look for it due to the fact that this season has been pretty enjoyable. Either way there is no doubt that the leaks seem to be harder and harder to come by....that is until the supposed bombshell that was let out by this Salamander person of which I posted halfway down the page. Either way this is a battle that will continue so long as Survivor and other reality shows like it tape their episodes. The only thing that could change this was if Survivor was shown LIVE of which only the finale is to this point. My idea as crazy as it sounds is to in fact do a LIVE Survivor edition during the summer when there is very little original programming to combat it. Run the show like normal and have a new episode every three days. Yes it would be risky but do you honestly think that ratings would fall due to this concept? I actually think they would go up due to the curiosity factor of an unscripted or unedited season and the fact that nothing would be spoiled. Just a thought. What do you think?

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