Friday, November 5, 2010

Survivor Spoilers FollowUp: Rob VS Russell

All right so this is pretty interesting. It appears that the place where I found the spoiler that I shared with your all below has now totally disappeared from the place that I found it at. There is no sign of it anywhere. In fact the whole thread that had follow up posts on it is missing now. That leads me to seriously think two things: 1). It is the most legit Survivor 22 spoiler to date AND 2). Due to its validity, the good folks at Survivor demanded it to be removed from that site so as not to spoil the season. Interesting thought huh? So far nothing has come my way ordering me to remove the post but I wouldnt be surprised if I got a message about it. Either way it sounds much more plausible than the other garbage that was put out there apparently intentionally to throw people off.

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